How to enable ScrollBar in WPF?

How to enable ScrollBar in WPF?

How to Enable ScrollBar on a WPF Window

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What is ScrollViewer?

The ScrollViewer is an object that represents a scrollable area that contains other visible controls, it could be found within the System. Windows. Controls. At the contrast of a ScrollBar object, the ScrollViewer is a WPF new feature.

What is the difference between textbox and TextBlock in WPF?

Can contain text set to different colors, fonts and sizes. The line height can also be increased from the default setting to give more space between each line of text. Text inside a TextBlock cannot be made selectable by the user.

What is margin in WPF?

Margin. The margin is the space between an element and the parent element or other adjacent element on the same parent element. The margin adds extra space around the outside edges of an element. The Margin property of FrameworkElement represents the margin of an element. It is a type of Thickness structure.

What is the difference between a WPF combobox and a WPF listbox?

A ComboBox is a combination of listbox and edit control. A simple combobox is just a listbox with an edit control at the top; you can select from the list or type. a combobox with style “dropdown” is the same, but the listbox doesn’t show up until you click the dropdown glyph.

What is difference between label and TextBlock in WPF?

Labels usually support single line text output while the TextBlock is intended for multiline text display. For example in wpf TextBlock has a property TextWrapping which enables multiline input; Label does not have this.

What is padding in WPF?

Padding represents the distance between the side of the control (which can be the margin) and its content. The content depends on the type of the control. Margin is outside the UI element, while Padding is inside it. Next Recommended Reading WPF: Textblock Vs Label.

What is WPF canvas?

Advertisements. Canvas panel is the basic layout Panel in which the child elements can be positioned explicitly using coordinates that are relative to the Canvas any side such as left, right, top and bottom.