How to create XDocument in c#?

How to create XDocument in c#?

List list = new List { “Value1”, “Value2”, “Value3” }; XDocument document = new XDocument( new XDeclaration(“0.1”, “utf-8”, “yes”), new XElement(“NewFile”, new XElement(“name”,new XAttribute(“filename”, “XMLSample”)), new XElement(“MainInfo”, list.

What is an XDocument?

The XDocument class contains the information necessary for a valid XML document, which includes an XML declaration, processing instructions, and comments. You only have to create XDocument objects if you require the specific functionality provided by the XDocument class.

What is the difference between XMLDocument and XDocument?

Now LINQ to XML uses XDocument for the same kind of thing. Syntaxes are much easier than XMLDocument and it requires a minimal amount of code. Also XDocument is mutch faster as XmlDocument. XmlDoucument is an old and dirty solution for query an XML document.

What is the difference between XElement and XDocument?

XDocument represents a whole XML document. It is normally composed of a number of elements. XElement represents an XML element (with attributes, children etc). It is part of a larger document.

What is System XML Linq DLL?

LINQ to XML is an in-memory XML programming interface that enables you to modify XML documents efficiently and easily.

What is XDocument parse?

Parse(String) Creates a new XDocument from a string. Parse(String, LoadOptions) Creates a new XDocument from a string, optionally preserving white space, setting the base URI, and retaining line information.

How do I convert XmlDocument to XElement?

You can wrap the XmlDocument with an XmlNodeReader and feed it to XElement. Load(). The other direction is available as well using XElement. CreateReader().

What is XName?

XName does not contain any public constructors. Instead, this class provides an implicit conversion from String that allows you to create an XName. The most common place you use this conversion is when constructing an element or attribute: The first argument to the XElement constructor is an XName.