How old is cheslock black butler?

How old is cheslock black butler?

“My name is Màŕìbèĺ Wìñťèŕś, and I’m 17 years old who is a Black Swan, not many many wanted to be around my kind was, we are cursed. But I do not believe that. And neither should you. No matter what creature that you are.

Who is Gregory Violet black butler?

Gregory Violet (グレゴリー・バイオレット, Guregorī Baioretto) is a former student at Weston College. He was one of the “P4,” and the head of the Purple House. Gregory now frequents the Sphere Music Hall, and is one of the “S4.”

Who is Othello in black butler?

Othello (オセロ, Osero) is a Grim Reaper. He is part of the Forensics Division of the Grim Reaper Dispatch.

How old is violet from black butler?


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Gender Male
Age 18-19
Status Alive

How tall is Othello from black butler?

Grell is 175cm, around 5’9”, out of heels (although this image makes them appear this height in heels, as well).

How do you become a grim reaper in black butler?

Trivia. For nearly a decade after the series had began, it remained a mystery on what the Grim Reapers were really are until eventually they were revealed to be Humans who had committed suicide and forced to become Grim Reapers as punishment.

How tall is Elizabeth midford?

Age: 1314 years Height: 157 cm 52 162 cm 53 Season 2 Elizabeth who demands to be called by the more affectionate Lizzie is Ciels cousin the daughter of Ciels fathers sister Frances and her husband Marquis Midford.

What does Grell Sutcliff call Sebastian?

He apparently has feelings for Sebastian, much to the latter’s disgust, and gives Sebastian the nickname “Sebby” in the manga, “Sebasu-chan” and “Bassy” in the Japanese and English dub of the anime respectively.

What is a female reaper called?

Lady MacDeath (Bug-a-Boo) Lady MacDeath is a Grim Reaper, the personification of Death who is responsible of going after all people whose time to die has come, although unlike a typical Grim Reaper, her body is not pictured as made of bones.

Is Lady Elizabeth Ciel’s cousin?

Lady Elizabeth Ethel Cordelia Midford is the daughter of Alexis Leon Midford and Francis Midford, the younger sister of Edward Midford, the niece of Vincent Phantomhive and Rachel Dalles, and the cousin/girlfriend of Ciel Phantomhive.

Is Lizzie a doll Black Butler?

after this episode , is elizabeth really became a doll? No,She Came Back To A Human When Ciel Argreed To Have A Party.