How much HP does 93 octane tune add?

How much HP does 93 octane tune add?

When switching from a 91 octane tune to a 93 octane tune you can expect to see an increase of 5 to 6 more horsepower on top of the gains you are already getting from an 87 octane Bama tune.

Does a 93 octane tune make a difference?

There is no difference in HP between 91 and 93 octane UNLESS you have had your car tuned for 91 octane but can NOW get 93 octane. Well just putting in the 93 octane won’t give you any more HP. You need to get the car retuned for the higher octane gas. It is the retuning that will give you more HP.

What does a canned tune do?

A canned tune is a pre-made tune that will provide an overall benefit. To create a canned tune, a tuner puts the target car on a dyno and spends quite a bit of time building out a tune for it. Tuning and testing over and over again. Usually the car being tuned is stock or very close to stock.

What is a 93 tune?

What the tune does is remove a little torque management and lets you adjust the throttle response making the car feel faster than it really is. When you get a custom tune from one of the good Hemi tuners, they will remove a bunch of torque management and add a little more power to the car.

Is a 93 tune worth it?

93 octane tune is a really big difference you can feel on a 15-17. From the engine sound, to the way it pulls, it’s definitely worth it. There are no cons aside from possible emissions issues for state inspections depending on the state you live in.

How much better is 93 octane than 91?

Regular gas is rated at 87 octane in most states, while premium gas is often rated higher at 91 or 93. Fuel with a higher octane rating can stand up to higher compression before it detonates. Essentially, the higher the octane rating, the lower the likelihood that detonation happens at the wrong time.

Can I run 93 octane on a 91 tune?

You may use a higher octane than prescribed by the tune. For example, running 93 Octane (R+M)/2 on a 91 Octane (R+M)/2 program is fine, and in some cases may offer a bump in performance.

How much HP does a custom tune add?

How Much Faster Does A Tune Make Your Car? The average car can expect to gain between 10% and 25% more horsepower from a tune than from stock, while naturally aspirated cars can expect to gain between 5% and 15% more power from a tune alone.

How much would a custom tune cost?

Money equates to time. Each setup is different, and also depending on what type of system is being used (piggy back, chip, stand-alone, supercharged, naturally aspirated, street or race only, etc) tune costs can range from $250 to $1500. Don’t be afraid to spend money on a good tune.

How much horsepower can you gain from a tune?

Can a 93 Tune run 87?

You can run higher octane fuel, which on a car with a continuous variable valve timing system in place will yield a little benefit, but you should never run a lower octane fuel than what you were tuned for.

What happens if you put 93 instead of 91?

If you usually fill your tank up with 87-octane gasoline and you accidentally put in a higher octane blend (say, 91, 92, or 93), don’t worry. You’re actually filling your car or truck with a different blend of gas, which means it will burn differently in your engine.