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How much does Phi Theta Kappa cost?

How much does Phi Theta Kappa cost?

How much does the membership cost? Phi Theta Kappa’s international membership fee is $60 and is paid only once. Members are also required to pay a one-time regional fee, which helps cover programming and events in your immediate geographic region.

Is Phi Theta Kappa a good honor society?

Phi Theta Kappa has recognized academic excellence in the two-year college since 1918 and has become the largest and most prestigious international honor society serving two-year colleges around the world.

What do you hope to gain from PTK membership?

Benefits include recognition during college induction ceremony, recognition by wearing Phi Theta Kappa Commencement Regalia during college graduation (if you choose to purchase these items), opportunity to meet JRS administrators, access to scholarships, free enrollment in, a transfer and college …

Does Phi Theta Kappa look good on a resume?

Participation in PTK provides a leadership laboratory where you can strengthen your soft skills and build your resume, making you more competitive for scholarships, transfer, and careers. Here are seven ways membership in Phi Theta Kappa can boost your resume. PTK is an inclusive organization.

How do I know if I am a member of Phi Theta Kappa?

If you are needing membership proof/verification, you can access a PDF copy of your membership certificate by going to our website at Log in and click on your name. Under Membership and Participation then Member Details, you will see a link to “Click Here to Generate Membership Certificate PDF.”

Does Phi Theta Kappa membership expire?

Nope! You are asked to pay a one-time lifetime membership fee that covers the international fee of $60 and may include a regional fee and/or local fee as well. You pay this when you accept membership, and that’s it — there are no annual dues, and you never have to renew your membership.

Where do you list Phi Theta Kappa on resume?

Add Phi Beta Kappa to the education section of your resume. If you graduated recently and don’t have much work experience, you can also mention relevant coursework, academic projects, and your best extracurricular activities.

Where do you put Phi Theta Kappa on a resume?

There are three places to put Phi Theta Kappa on your resume. The first place is in the ‘Education’ section, listed along with your GPA or Minor. The second place is in the ‘Honors & Awards’ section. The last place is in the ‘Professional Experience’ section.