How much does it cost to replace an alternator on a 2007 Toyota Avalon?

How much does it cost to replace an alternator on a 2007 Toyota Avalon?

Toyota Avalon Alternator Replacement Cost Estimate. Labor costs are estimated between $134 and $169 while parts are priced between $344 and $441.

How long does Toyota Avalon alternator last?

A Toyota alternator can last as long as 100,000 miles or more. But it’s possible for an alternator to fail early due to unforeseen circumstances.

Can I replace an alternator by myself?

In general, it will take about two hours for you to replace an alternator on your own, though this could vary somewhat depending on your knowledge of car mechanics. If you take your car into a shop in order to have the alternator replaced, timing may vary somewhat, and you may have to leave the car for the day.

How does it cost to replace an alternator?

between $500 and $1,000
When your car starts having electrical problems, it’s a sign you need an alternator replacement. Considering the price of a new alternator as well as labor, you should expect to spend anywhere between $500 and $1,000 to get a new one for your vehicle.

How much does an alternator cost for a 2000 Toyota Avalon?

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Is it worth replacing an alternator?

It’s usually a better idea to replace the alternator entirely if it is malfunctioning. While new ones can be spendy, they are usually a better choice than remanufactured or rebuilt options. Those probably won’t last as long as a new one since the mechanical parts have miles on them already.

Can AutoZone change an alternator?

Avoid all of this hassle by replacing your alternator and alternator parts with the help of AutoZone.