How much does it cost to live in the Willis Tower?

How much does it cost to live in the Willis Tower?

Average rent at the tower came out to about $24 per square foot in 2018, but with some notable outliers like the third largest tenant, law firm Schiff Hardin LLP, which was paying more than $42 per square foot for its 181,000-square foot space.

What companies work in the Willis Tower?

Willis Tower
Current tenants United Airlines
Named for Willis Towers Watson Sears (1973–2009)
Construction started 1970
Completed 1974

Can you go to the top of Willis Tower for free?

Admission is free, so if you just want to go through to look at the view without paying or taking a drink – you can.

Can you just walk into Willis Tower?

THE SKYDECK IS OPEN ON A LIMITED TICKET BASIS. Offering spectacular views spanning up to four states and The Ledge, a glass balcony extending four feet outside the 103rd floor of Willis Tower!

Are there residences in Willis Tower?

TOWER HOUSE and STEEL ROOM Tower House is an expansive tenant lounge, casual café, and bar designed with a unique Chicago industrial aesthetic. It also features a large and flexible conference center.

Are there residents in Willis Tower?

Willis Tower was designed for more than 12,000 occupants. Approximately 25,000 people enter the building each day.

How much is the John Hancock tilt?

Cocktail & View Ticket: $5. Tilt & View Ticket: $35. All-Access Pass (Tilt, Drink, Skip-the-Line): $40. Individual Tilt Ticket (in addition to observation deck admission ticket): $8.

How much is the Willis Tower worth?

$1.3 billion
Willis Tower was purchased by Blackstone in 2015 for $1.3 billion.

How long do people stay at Willis Tower?

Your stay at the top can easily be done in 2 hours, but your total time will depend on the wait in line. Go late and lines are much shorter.

Can you rent a room in the Willis Tower?

Tower House Conference Center offers a new meeting space on the 34th floor, which is available to tenants by reservation. The entire space can accommodate up to 400 guests, or be divided into smaller spaces.

Who built Willis Tower?

Fazlur Rahman Khan
Bruce Graham
Willis Tower/Architects