How much does a Solatube skylight cost?

How much does a Solatube skylight cost?

about $500 to $1,000
A light tube costs about $500 to $1,000 when professionally installed, compared with more than $2,000 for a skylight. If you’re reasonably handy and comfortable working on a roof, install a light tube yourself using a kit that costs about $200 to $400.

Are solar skylights worth it?

Solar tubes give you fewer options for controlling the light entering the room, and their small size means they do little to enhance your home’s architecture. Fewer options for control – Skylights give you more control over the quality of light you let in.

What is the average cost of a Solatube?

A standard 14-inch Solatube ranges between $550-$750. Fun fact – The average traditional skylight (2 x 4 ft) cost is two or three times a Solatube! Traditional skylights usually range between $1,540 – $2,000+.

Which is better Solatube vs Velux?

Velux sun tunnels offer 98 percent effective reflective material while Solatube tubular skylights come in with higher output at 99.7 percent (a result of tubing design.) For the homeowner, the higher reflectivity means brighter lighting for your space.

Are solar tubes expensive?

Solar tube installation costs about $750, with average prices to install a tubular skylight ranging from $500 to $1,000 in the US for 2019 according to Elite Solar. The cost to install a solar tube is much cheaper than installing traditional skylights which cost about $2,000 or higher.

Are tubular skylights worth it?

Solar tubes are generally not a replacement for electric lighting; rather, they are best used as an alternative to a natural skylight. While you won’t get a view of the sky like you would with a skylight, they are usually a lower cost product that can be easy-to-install and reliable alternative to skylights.

Are solar tubes better than skylights?

In regard to energy efficiency, the solar tube is more effective, capturing light and diffusing it into the home. Though skylights gather three times the light of regular windows, energy is lost through heat gain particularly in warmer months and climates.

How long do solar tubes last?

Solar tube lighting is quite different from a light bulb, which usually lasts between 2-3,000 hours of use before it starts to weaken. As far as how long solar tubes last, the answer is pretty short. At most, they’ll last for a few years. But in a better-case scenario, they could last as long as 25years.

What size solar tube do I need?

This offers a good range to choose from and decide according to the size of your indoor spaces. 250 mm solar tube is ideal for a space size of up to 10 square meters, like small bathrooms and hallways. 350 to 450 mm solar tubes are ideal for big rooms like stairwells, big hallways and bathrooms.

How long does a solar tube last?