How much does a balance 482 cost?

How much does a balance 482 cost?

Base, sail away price for the Balance 482 begins at $1,157,310.00 FOB our South African Factory. A fully cruise equipped model runs approximately $1,450,000.00 FOB our South African Factory.

How much is the balance 442?

Specs. Pricing on the Balance 442 starts at $807,804.00 For a full list of standard 442 equipment and a detailed options pricing list, please click here.

Who builds Balance Catamarans?

Nexus Yachts
Nexus Yachts now builds the Balance 526, 580 and 620 Catamarans. Balance Catamarans Cape Town started in 2019 after Berman and Du Toit designed and built a custom day charter catamaran with veteran boat builder Mark Delany for clients in the Caribbean.

Where are balance catamarans built?

South Africa
Balance Catamarans are uniquely and proudly built in South Africa. Now, we have teamed up with Cape Town article collective Streetwires to produce our most unique and colorful catamaran yet – a Custom-made, in-house design with wire hulls and tin sails: our latest Balance Catamaran is literally a work of art!

How much is a Seawind 1260?

SEAWIND 1260 $430,000 Base price – call for factory options The overall finish of the Seawind 1260 will be consistent with a luxury world-standard yacht of this size and type. Only very high quality equipment is used throughout.

How much is a Seawind 1600?

The base price of the Seawind 1600 is $900,000.

Where is Sv Archer?

port MANLY
The vessel is currently at port MANLY, AU after a voyage of 59 minutes originating from port MOSMAN, AU.

Where are Gunboat catamarans built?

BORN IN THE USA, MADE IN FRANCE Each Gunboat is unique and celebrated by the Gunboat team. We want clients to enjoy the build process too, including their time at our purpose-built, 3600 sq meter facility in La Grande-Motte France.

How much is a new Seawind Catamaran?

The Seawind is competitively priced, starting at USD $889,000, and comes with quite a bit of kit. However, no boat is truly ‘turn key’ and once adding some nice-to-have as well as need-to-have extras, the price was coming up to $990,000.

How fast is the Seawind 1260?

Under sail The Seawind 1260 sails efficiently upwind at 8 knots.

How much is a lagoon 42?

The base price starts at $340,000, but with delivery, commissioning and most of the options featured on our test boat, the final cost will be $120,000 or so higher.