How much do blue rams cost?

How much do blue rams cost?

The German Blue Ram Cichlid is quite common in the aquarium trade and is easily found in pet shops. You can find them for a modest price of about $7-8.

How many German blue rams should be kept together?

two pairs
How many blue rams should be kept together? A pair of rams can live in a 20-gallon community tank or in a 10-gallon breeding tank with no other fish. If you wish to keep two pairs of rams, increase the aquarium size to 40 gallons so that each set has enough territory.

Do blue rams need to be kept in pairs?

Except during spawning season, blue rams are a peaceful species of fish. They should be kept in pairs – with the base 30 gallons to start and 10 more gallons per pair after that – and should be kept in a peaceful fish tank with other non-aggressive fish.

Are Rams hard to keep?

Tank Requirements The electric blue ram is not recommended for beginners, but it is not overly difficult to keep either. One pair can be housed in a 20-gallon aquarium, while two pairs will require a tank of at least 40 gallons.

Can blue rams be kept alone?

Tank Mates—Can Blue Ram Cichlid be Kept Alone? Unlike most cichlids, rams are peaceful, non-aggressive fish that do best when housed in a community with other fish, but you can keep a single pair alone in a 15 to 20-gallon tank.

Can a German blue ram live in a 5 gallon tank?

Rams can be kept in as small as a 5 gallon tank without any problem, but I prefer to keep them in large planted aquariums where they accent the plants with a splash of color.

Can you keep blue rams alone?

What is a female ram called?

characteristics. Male sheep are called rams, the females ewes, and immature animals lambs.

Why does German blue ram lose color?

The most common experience with them is that they simply “waste away”. Your ram cichlid’s abdomen might become sunken or it might have already been sunken when you bought it. Those bright colors you saw at the store will also start to fade, which is another indicator that your fish is deteriorating.

Can a German blue ram live with Betta?

German Blue Rams DO NOT make good tanks mates for Betta fish. Both species of fish can be aggressive, territorial and often take a dislike to tank mates. Both species of fish also require different water temperatures and general water parameters making them incompatible.

Can I keep a single blue RAM?