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How many treasure chests are there in Wind Waker?

How many treasure chests are there in Wind Waker?

This section documents all 46 of the Treasure Charts (or Treasure Maps) in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, including the locations and contents of each chest.

How do you get the sunken treasure in Wind Waker?

These rings mark treasure located at the bottom of the sea, located directly beneath them. Link can use the Grappling Hook in conjunction with his boat, the King of Red Lions, to raise this sunken treasure from the bottom of the sea by lowering the Grappling Hook at the center of a Light Ring.

What is special chart?

Special Charts are a series of twelve different charts of the Great Sea that each depict locations of something specific. These charts are only found in The Wind Waker and The Wind Waker HD. These charts are different than Triforce Charts and Treasure Charts, other types of charts found in the same game. Chart Name.

What do treasure charts do?

Treasure Charts are blue parchments that reveal the locations of precious sunken treasures around the Great Sea. When you find a Treasure Chart, open it on the Sea Chart map screen.

How do you get the treasure Chart 33?

Treasure Chart 33 is received as a reward from the lady dressed in orange who stands on the steps near the Potion Shop on D-2: Windfall Island. Use the Deluxe Picto Box to take a picture of her (head to toe) and then show it to her and she will give you the chart, which her son has found.

What does the light ring chart do?

The Light Ring Chart shows the location of special Light Rings that only appear during certain Lunar Phases.

How do you get a deluxe pictograph?

You need to snap three black and white photos for Lenzo. Once you have done that, Lenzo will give you the Deluxe Picto Box in the Wii U version of Wind Waker HD right away. If you’re playing the GameCube version, you first need to travel to Forest Haven and catch a Firefly with an empty bottle inside the forest.

What is British Admiralty chart?

Admiralty charts are nautical charts issued by the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) and subject to Crown Copyright.

What is the category of a chart with a scale of 1 80000?

For example, 1/80,000 is a smaller fraction than 1/40,000, thus a chart of 1/80,000 scale is termed a SMALL SCALE CHART (refer to Figure 7-5).

What is the light ring chart in Wind Waker?

The Light Ring Chart is a special Sea Chart from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. It is found at the bottom of the Great Sea by using the Grappling Hook to bring up the Treasure Chest that contains it. Link can only find the Light Ring Chart if he has already found Treasure Chart 21.

How do you get the treasure Chart 24?

Take a photo of both of them standing next to each other, then take that photo to the two gossiping women down the steps outside. They will reward you with Treasure Chart 24.