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How many series of Trigger Happy TV are there?

How many series of Trigger Happy TV are there?


Trigger Happy TV
No. of series 2 plus Christmas specials including ‘Greatest Hits’ Specials
No. of episodes 40
Producers Dom Joly Sam Cadman

When was Trigger Happy TV made?

January 14, 2000Trigger Happy TV / First episode date

Who presented Trigger Happy TV?

Dom Joly
He is best known as the star of Trigger Happy TV (2000–2003), a hidden camera prank show that was broadcast in over 70 countries worldwide….

Dom Joly
Born 15 November 1967 Beirut, Lebanon
Medium Television, books, stand-up
Years active 1999–present

Is Trigger Happy TV on Netflix?

Netflix is showing the first of Cheltenham comedian Dom Joly’s Trigger Happy TV series. The quirky and sometimes outrageous outdoor sketches made Dom a star when the show was first broadcast by Channel 4 in 2000.

Who is trigger happy?

Definition of trigger-happy 1 : irresponsible in the use of firearms especially : inclined to shoot before clearly identifying the target.

Where was trigger point filmed?

Trigger Point is set and filmed in London, with audiences able to spot the River Thames and Waterloo Bridge in various scenes from the series. Additional filming also took place at the Dartford marshes in Kent, which provided the backdrop to one police chase and crime scene.

What is another word for trigger happy?

Find another word for trigger-happy. In this page you can discover 10 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for trigger-happy, like: fierce, tearing, vehement, violent, forthy, Mister_G, , vigilante, SnowmanUK and ViperVenoM.

What does Dom Jolly do now?

Dom Joly, 53, came to fame in prank show Trigger Happy TV in 2000, and today he is a travel author and broadcaster. He walked from Belgrade to Istanbul last year for BBC2 series Pilgrimage. He is married to artist Stacey MacDougall, with whom he lives in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, and has a daughter, 21, and son, 17.

What nationality is Dom Joly?

BritishDom Joly / Nationality

Where was Dom Joly born?

Beirut, LebanonDom Joly / Place of birth

What channel is Trigger Happy TV on?

Channel 4Trigger Happy TV / Network

Is Trigger-Happy a bad word?

adjective Informal. ready to fire a gun at the least provocation, regardless of the situation or probable consequences: a trigger-happy hunter. heedless and foolhardy in matters of great importance and recklessly advocating action that can result in war: Some called him a trigger-happy candidate.