How many alderman are there in Calgary?

How many alderman are there in Calgary?

The boundaries of Calgary’s wards are reviewed and revised every four years as Calgary grows. Each City Councillor represents one of Calgary’s 14 Wards.

How do I find my ward in Calgary?

Find your councillor by address In the toolbar on the left side of the map, click on the home tool (house icon) to zoom out to see the ward boundaries. Click inside the red ward boundary containing your address (and outside the address pop-up box).

How much does a Calgary alderman make?

According to the Council Compensation Review Committee, city council compensation costs $1.44 per capita every year. A Calgary city councillor could’ve made $113,526 based on the 2020 base pay, with the mayor’s base pay sitting at $200,586.

Who is on city council in Calgary?

The remaining councillors – Raj Dhaliwal, Richard Pootmans, Evan Spencer, Courtney Walcott, Jasmine Mian, Gian-Carlo Carra and Kourtney Penner, along with Mayor Gondek, have voted together most often. The highest number of yes votes is Ward 5’s Raj Dhaliwal (111). The lowest is Sean Chu (70).

Who is Calgary alderman?

Wards, communities and councillors

Ward Councillor Terms in office
Ward 1 Sonya Sharp 2021–present (1 term)
Ward 2 Jennifer Wyness 2021–present (1 term)
Ward 3 Jasmine Mian 2021–present (1 term)
Ward 4 Sean Chu 2013–present (3 terms)

When was the last Calgary civic election?

2017 Calgary municipal election

October 16, 2017
Mayor and 14 councillors to Calgary City Council
Turnout 58.1%
Candidate Naheed Nenshi Bill Smith Popular vote 199,122 169,367 Percentage 51.4% 43.7%
Results of the City Council election

What is a ward in Alberta?

The council consists of one councillor per ward, one of whom is elected by council as reeve. Presently, the number of wards varies from 4 to 11, with the most common being 7. There are 63 municipal districts in Alberta. To learn more about municipal districts see Rural Municipalities of Alberta.

What ward is Acadia in Calgary?

Ward 11
Ward 11 includes the following communities: Acadia, Bayview, Bel-Aire, Braeside, Cedarbrae, Chinook Park, Douglasdale/Glen, Eagle Ridge, Fairview, Garrison Green, Haysboro, Kelvin Grove, Kingsland, Lakeview, Maple Ridge, Mayfair, Meadowlark Park, North Glenmore Park, Oakridge, Palliser, Pump Hill, Riverbend, Southwood.

How much is salary of mayor in Alberta?

These rates were recommended in 2021 through a comprehensive compensation survey across comparable municipalities….Councillor Salaries.

Councillor Current Salary
Mayor $76,800
Deputy Mayor $40,500
Councillors $34,800

How much does the city manager of Calgary make?

How much does a Manager at City of Calgary make? The typical City of Calgary Manager salary is $135,000 per year. Manager salaries at City of Calgary can range from $94,838 – $171,837 per year.

How long is a Calgary mayor term?

List of mayors of Calgary

Mayor of Calgary
Reports to City Council
Seat Calgary Municipal Building (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
Appointer Direct election by residents of Calgary
Term length 4 years

What Ward is Gian Carlo Carra?

Ward 9
Ward 9 Gian-Carlo Carra Gian-Carlo’s mother was born in Calgary’s Ward 9 in 1940 and his father was the first child of Italian immigrants to New York City.