How long will oranges with cloves last?

How long will oranges with cloves last?

3-4 days
How to Store Pomander Balls. Your finished pomander balls will only stay fresh for 3-4 days in a bowl at room temperature. You can extend their life by refrigerating them at night. After a few days, however, you will probably begin to see mold.

How do you stud oranges with cloves?

How to make a Christmas pomander

  1. Criss-cross a ribbon round your orange and tie in a bow.
  2. Use an old biro or a toothpick to make a hole in your orange, then push in a clove. Then stud cloves all the way round.
  3. Carry on pushing in cloves until your whole orange is covered.

How do you make pomanders last longer?

Longer lasting pomanders To make your pomanders last longer, cover your citrus fruit in whole cloves, then place in a large bowl and cover with the optional cinnamon/spice mixture. Allow pomanders to “cure” for several weeks before attaching ribbon hangers. These “cured” pomanders will last for months, even years.

What are pomander balls used for?

Pomander balls are a fancy term for oranges decorated with cloves that make your home smell amazing for the holidays. DIY pomander balls can be hung as ornaments, used in garlands, or arranged as a part of a festive holiday centerpiece.

Why do you stud oranges with cloves?

Oranges studded with cloves, also known as pomanders, make lovely holiday gifts. They create an inviting citrus-spice aroma that fills the whole house and are pleasing to the eye. Put oranges studded with cloves in closets or drawers for a fresh scent, or decorate the pomanders with ribbon to hang in a hallway.

How do you keep pomander balls from molding?

Rotating the pomander balls every so often or hanging them with wire can help prevent mold. However, you can also learn how to dry orange pomander balls to enjoy them a little longer.

How do you store pomander balls?


  1. Display them in a bowl or on a plate for 3-4 days.
  2. Display them during the day, but tuck them into the fridge at night.
  3. Some spice shops sell orrisroot powder, which you can dust on the pomander as a preserving agent.
  4. Suspend them with kitchen twine and hang them in a cool, dark place to try for about week.

What is pomander scent?

The Scent. The term Pomander is derived from the French Pomme d’Amber, or Apple of Amber – a ball or container made of perfumes, spices or herbs. Pomander’s can also be apples or oranges covered in cloves or other spices.