How long is TCCC instructor certification good for?

How long is TCCC instructor certification good for?

Students who successfully complete the course receive a certificate of completion, a TCCC card good for 3 years, and 16 hours of CAPCE credit. NAEMT verifies that military training facilities meet minimal training center requirements.

What is TCCC instructor?

Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) is developed by the U.S. Department of Defense Defense Health Agency (DHA) Joint Trauma System to teach evidence-based, life-saving techniques and strategies for providing the best trauma care on the battlefield.

What are the phases of TCCC?

TCCC training is performed in three phases: Care under fire (CUF), tactical field care (TFC), and tactical evacuation care (TEC) (for more information, see Chapter 2, Tactical Combat Casualty Care Phases of Care).

How often is TCCC required?

every 3 years
(1) All active Component Service members and some DoD-EC personnel as defined by job or unit, will complete TCCC recertification at least every 3 years following initial certification.

How do I become a TCCC instructor?

To obtain approval, all of these requirements must be met.

  1. Hold a current license or certification as an EMT or Paramedic.
  2. Successfully complete the NAEMT provider course for the program for which you wish to serve as an instructor.

Can a civilian take TCCC?

As a system, TCCC cannot be deployed in the civilian setting because many recommendations run counter to civilian scope of practice and medical standards (e.g. use of hextend for resuscitation, pre-hospital antibiotics, needle decompression practiced by non medical personnel, etc.).

What is TCCC medical?

Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC or TC3) are the United States military guidelines for trauma life support in prehospital combat medicine, designed to reduce preventable deaths while maintaining operation success.

What is March algorithm?

The MARCH algorithm is synonymous with Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC). It is a simple acronym for remembering the necessary steps in priority for saving lives in combat. M-massive hemorrhage, A-airway, R-respiratory, C-circulation, and H-hypothermia.

What is TCCC tier1?

TCCC-ASM Tier 1 is a Joint standardized certification that will replace first aid training. Ref (a) requires the Services to use DHA-mandated training standards, developed and validated by each of the Services to include the Marine Corps. A pending Change 2 to ref (b) includes the validated TCCC-ASM Tier 1 events.

How long is Phtls instructor certification good for?

4 years
How long is my PHTLS Instructor status/Certificate valid for? 4 years from the successful completion of an Instructor Candidacy course (when you became an Instructor for the first time) or the Provider course on which you reverified (renewed) your status.

How long is a Phtls instructor card good for?

Upon successful completion of the course, students receive a certificate of completion, a wallet card recognizing them as PHTLS providers for 4 years, and 16 hours of CAPCE credit.