How long is 31D AIT?

How long is 31D AIT?

Job training for a criminal investigations special agent requires 15 weeks of a resident course designed to teach criminal investigation duties to field units for the Army National Guard. Some of the skills you’ll learn are: Civil and military laws. Investigation procedures and techniques.

What is a 31D MOS?

Army Criminal Investigations Special Agents (MOS 31D) are responsible for completing criminal investigations that involve, or may involve, the Army and its assets. Specialists in this Army MOS are highly trained individuals who work with felony-level crimes.

How long is Army CID training?

The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) Special Agent Course (CIDSAC) is a 15-week course taught by the Military Police Investigations Division (MPID), at the U.S. Army Military Police School (USAMPS) and is an accredited course by the Federal Law Enforcement Training Accreditation Board.

Where is CID AIT?

Once selected to become a Special Agent with CID, Soldiers will attend 16 weeks of specialized training as part of the CID Special Agent Course at the U.S. Army Military Police School at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.

Are Army CID agents federal agents?

CID Special Agents are comprised of enlisted Soldiers, warrant officers, both Active and Reserve, and civilians. All CID Special Agents (military and civilian) are recognized as federal agents (law enforcement officers) under Title 29, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Section 60.3a(2) (28 CFR 60.3a(2)).

Can commissioned officers become CID?

“I explained that commissioned officers can’t become CID agents, and he showed me an article explaining that CID was about to have an opportunity for guys like me to apply. He let me keep the magazine; I contacted my nearest CID office soon after, and they helped me with the application.”

Are CID agents federal agents?

What is 31B in the Army?

The Military Police, or MPs, also are trained in corrections and confining of inmates, prisoners of war, investigations and mobility security support around the world. Their main job is to protect and preserve the rule of law. The Army categorizes this job as military occupational specialty (MOS) 31B.

Can CID carry guns?

Criminal do not carry guns that are register, or them have them transferred after an FBI check on an ATF form 4473. They steal them from legal gun owners or buy them from illegal dealers. Criminal do not obey the law.

What rank is CID?

CID Special Agents may advance all the way to Warrant Officer, the highest ranking member of enlisted personnel. Requirements to become a Warrant Officer include: Rank of E-5 or above. Two years of CID Special Agent experience.

Can civilians join CID?

– Must be a U.S. born or naturalized U.S. citizen. – Must have a valid driver’s license. – Must pass all phases of the hiring process, including a medical exam and drug test.

Can you join CID as an officer?

If you are a college graduate interested in joining the Army and having a career as a federal law enforcement officer, you may be interested in the CID Direct Accessions Program. Successful applicants must complete 31B Military Police One Station Unit Training (OSUT) and the CID Special Agent Course (CIDSAC).