How long does it take to go around Fota Wildlife Park?

How long does it take to go around Fota Wildlife Park?

between 2 and 3 hours
How long is the walk around Fota Wildlife Park? You should try and allow between 2 and 3 hours for a visit to Fota Island Wildlife Park.

Do you have to book in advance for Fota Wildlife Park?

Q: How can I book tickets to visit Fota Wildlife Park? Currently all visitors must book a time slot in advance, this is to minimise queues at the gates and also inside the Park at any one time, and is only available online here. Pre-booking is currently only available max seven days in advance of visiting.

How much time do you need in FOTA?

three hours
Q: How long are you allowed to stay in the park? We ask that visitors dwell a maximum of three hours.

Can you walk around Fota Island?

It’s a full day out – it’s a 100-acre park with a huge variety of animals and birds. A lot of people come before lunch, and they’ll typically spend at least three hours here. You need time just to observe the animals, walk around, have a picnic.

Can you smoke in Fota Island?

Park Rules It is prohibited to take any of the following into Fota Wildlife Park: Weapons, fireworks, smoke bombs, glass bottles, blades, flammable liquids, portable BBQs or other articles that may cause injury.

Is Fota Island Open all year?

Please note that we although we are open all year round, we do close for three days over the Christmas period – Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and St. Stephen’s Day, and we will be open again on the 27th December at 10 am.

Is FOTA open in Level 5?

Fota Wildlife Park has been running at a reduced capacity since reopening, but we will be significantly reducing our allowed entry to less than 10% capacity for Level 5. Visiting the park is strictly pre-booking only and visitors are not to dwell in the park longer than 3 hours.

Can you smoke in Fota Wildlife Park?

Does Fota Wildlife close for winter?

Can you smoke in FOTA?

Is there snakes in Fota Island?

One of the eye catching elements to the new development is the tropical butterflies who roam free-range throughout the house and amongst the public pathways. If you are afraid of snakes be warned as one of the new residents is a 2m long boa.

Can dogs go to Fota Island?

Please take the time to read our Park Rules Please respect this privilege by observing the following: The following ARE NOT PERMITTED in the Park: dogs (including guide dogs and assistance dogs) or any other animal or pet, balloons, bicycles, scooters, skateboards, rollerblades, balls, frisbees and alcohol.

How much are tickets for Fota Island Wildlife Park?

How much are tickets for Fota Island Wildlife Park? Tickets for Fota Island Zoo ar €16.90 for an adult and €11.50 for kids (kids under 3 go free). There are also €12.50 student tickets, €12.50 over 65 tickets and a range of family tickets, too. Note: prices may change.

Where is Fota Wildlife Park located?

The park located just 12 minutes away from the door step of the hotel by car or a short train ride is located on 100 acres at Fota Island, 10KM east of Cork City and is the second largets visitor attraction in Ireland (outside of Leinster) When you visit Fota Wildlife Park you can expect to see the Fota’s team core values of

When did Fota Island open to the public?

The initial works to establish an open and natural park for animals started in 1980. The first animals arrived in 1982, and the park opened to the general public one year later. Fota Island is home to one of the best hotels in Cork, and it makes the perfect getaway any time of the year.

How far in advance can I book Fota Wildlife Park?

Dates and times available to book a max of 7 days in advance. Maximum number of people for a booking is 15 people. Incl. individuals from up to 2 other households OR max of 6 people from multiple households. Abide by the current NPHET guidelines regarding gatherings outdoors at all times once you have arrived at Fota Wildlife Park.