How long does it take to climb butser Hill?

How long does it take to climb butser Hill?

Explore this 3.30 mile, loop trail near East Meon, Hampshire. Generally considered an easy route, it takes an average of 1 h 44 min to complete. This trail is great for hiking, trail running, and walking.

Where do you park to walk up butser Hill?

The walk begins at the car park of the Queen Elizabeth Country Park, Hampshire, postcode PO8 0QE (pay-and-display £9 for the whole day in summer). If the main car park is full, you can park on the huge grassy space beyond the Visitor Centre or continue further to one of the additional car parks.

What can you see from butser Hill?

Explore the slopes of Butser Hill National Nature Reserve to discover an interesting array of butterflies and moths including the Duke of Burgundy, Chalkhill Blue and Silver-Spotted Skipper. During the summer months you can listen to the Skylarks sing as they display.

Are there toilets at Butser Hill?

Well worth a visit but be warned that the the Round House containing the kiosk and toilets appears to be closed at the moment, however there is one Portaloo nearby, but you may have to queue if it’s busy!

What is the highest hill in Hampshire?

Beacon Hill – highest point in Hampshire.

How much is it to park at Queen Elizabeth Country Park?

Parking Charges
Up to 1 hour £2.00
Up to 3 hours £3.00
All day £5.00

How high is butser Hill in Hampshire?

889′Butser Hill / Elevation

How much is it to park at Butser Hill?

The main parking area is open 24/7. Both Forest and Butser car parks are open 8am-8pm (March to October) and 8am-6pm (November to February). Entry to the park is free.

What is the highest point in Hampshire?

Beacon Hill
Beacon Hill – highest point in Hampshire.

Where is the highest point in Southampton?

Bassett Avenue
The highest point in the City of Southampton (its “county top”) lies on Bassett Avenue at a height of 82 metres (269 ft) above sea level….Bassett, Southampton.

Bassett’s neighbourhood shops on Winchester Road
Bassett Location within Southampton
Area 4.53 km2 (1.75 sq mi)
Population 14,532 (2001 & 2011 Census.Ward)

Are there any mountains in Hampshire?

There are 371 named mountains in Hampshire. The highest and the most prominent mountain is Ashford Hill.

Who owns Queen Elizabeth Country Park?

In 1966 Hampshire County Council purchased Butser Hill with the aim of creating a new Country Park, Queen Elizabeth Country Park was formally opened by Her Majesty the Queen in 1976.

Where is Butser Hill on the South Downs?

Next on this Butser Hill walk, you will finally reach the star of the show, Butser Hill. Coming from Limekiln Lane, there are some spectacular views from the top, and on some of the sunnier days, you may even see paragliders! This stunning section of the Butser Hill walk really is a highlight of this section of the South Downs Way.

How long does it take to climb Butser Hill?

Butser Hill. 1 miles (1 km) Climb to the highest point on the South Downs on this walk near Petersfield. There’s a good sized car park off Limekiln Lane just to the west of the hill. From here it is a short climb to the 271 metres (889 ft) high summit of the hill. At the top you can enjoy wonderful views over the South Downs to the Isle of Wight.

What is there to do on Butser Hill?

The stretches of water either side of the hill are Langstone Harbour (right) and Chichester Harbour (left). A circular walk from the Queen Elizabeth Country Park Visitors Centre up to and around the top of Butser Hill the highest point on the South Downs chalk ridge. There is one steepish climb and a steep descent mostly on grass.

What is the name of the gate on Butser Hill?

Looking north from Butser Hill at the chalk slopes of Ramsdean Down and Rake Bottom (called Grandfather’s Bottom on the maps at the hill) below. This gate is a convenient place to catch ones breath on the long climb up the hill.