How long do you keep Opalescence go on your teeth?

How long do you keep Opalescence go on your teeth?

Remove outer tray. Suck down or swallow again. Wear for 15-20 minutes per day. When finished remove bleaching tray and brush teeth.

How often can you whiten your teeth with Opalescence go?

Opalescence Go trays are sold in packs of ten. While the instructions say to use them once a day for up to ten days, this is not necessary to be effective. Each individual’s teeth whiten at a different rate, and with different side effects. It’s important to keep this in mind when starting your own whit- ening journey.

How much is Opalescence go from a dentist?

The cost of Opalescence teeth whitening varies depending on your unique considerations, the dentist providing treatment and the location of the practice. On average, Opalescence costs approximately $500 and treatment lasts one to two hours.

Does Opalescence Go damage enamel?

Conclusion: All 4 Opalescence products damaged enamel. Higher damage was done by the 10% carbamide peroxide and 20% carbamide peroxide products because of the much longer exposure period (112 hours in comparison to 7 hours).

What happens if Opalescence go is not refrigerated?

As NON-refrigerated whitening products break down and degrade during storage and shipping, hydrogen ions are produced. Those hydrogen ions are acid (pH = potential of Hydrogen). Whitening gels therefore become more and more acidic as they break down, resulting in an ever increasing possibility of sensitivity and pain.

Why does Opalescence hurt my teeth?

The teeth whitening effect is achieved with active oxygen. It gets deep into the dental tissues and can irritate the dental nerves. If you feel pain, inform the doctor about it immediately. When the procedure is stopped, it can be given another try once the pain goes away.

Do white gums go away?

The outlook for white gums varies depending on the underlying cause, the health of the individual, and the treatments used. Canker sores, for example, often clear up within a few days. They may not require any treatment. Other conditions, such as oral lichen planus, require lifelong management.

How long does it take for bleached gums to heal?

If teeth whitening agents come in contact with the gums, it can result in a chemical burn. The gums may turn white and become very sensitive. The good news is that these burns are temporary and heal quickly after teeth whitening, typically within one day.

Do you brush your teeth after using Opalescence go?

You can brush afterwards, with or without toothpaste, but do not brush before hand. Having a bit of grit on your teeth helps the “whitening gel” stick to the teeth, which in turn, helps with a more even and natural look to the whitening process.