How is the mess food at IIT Guwahati?

How is the mess food at IIT Guwahati?

All the hostel messes at IIT Guwahati are assured to be serving the best food. Students hardly complain about the food as they are satisfied with it. As for those who are non-vegetarian, the mess takes care of that also. They serve non-veg twice a week for dinner in the form of chicken and egg kadhi.

How is food at IIT Guwahati Quora?

The food menu is vast and the food tastes good. Non veg is served thrice a week in dinner and dishes made from eggs like omlet ,egg burzi or boiled eggs are.

How is IIT Guwahati mess?

Mess timings at IIT Guwahati are quite comfortable and have been adjusted according to the routine of students.

Which IIT has best mess food Quora?

IIT Kanpur has the best mess food and also it have the cheapest mess charge as compared to others and also IIT kanpur has some of the best college hostels in India.

Can I get single room in IIT Guwahati?

While students of IIT Guwahati have been accommodated in single-seater rooms. These hostels are equipped with modern amenities and facilities for sports and recreation such as satellite TV, indoor games and a gymnasium.

What is hostel mess?

Each hostel provides a mess facility for breakfast, lunch and dinner under the safe and hygiene environment. Uninterrupted safe drinking water and electricity supply are also provided. Hostels have separate wifi connection for internet facilities to students. Newspapers and magazines are available in the common rooms.

What is IIT mess food?


What is mess food?

Definition of mess (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a quantity of food: a archaic : food set on a table at one time. b : a prepared dish of soft food also : a mixture of ingredients cooked or eaten together. c : enough food of a specified kind for a dish or a meal picked a mess of peas for dinner.

Which IIT has best food quality?

A year later, IIT Gandhinagar – Indian Institute of Technology (IITGN) became the first 5-star institution in the country to be awarded the ‘Eat Right Campus Award’ during the commemoration of the first World Food Safety Day on June 7th, 2019 as declared by the United Nations General Assembly.

Which IIT is best for mess food?

Mess. Govind Bhawan Mess has the reputation of being the best mess in IIT Roorkee. Food in Govind Bhawan mess is blend of North and South Indian cuisines.

Do girls get single room in IIT Guwahati?

All the girls get double room in 1st year to last year. All Boys from 2nd year are allotted single room. for first year students, boys of branch cse, ece and some of electrical get single room, and others get double room. I heard that IIT Guwahati provides separate rooms for undergrads even for 1st year students.

Is IIT Internet free?

Do IITs have free WiFi facilities? Yes of course, as far as I know all IITs have free wifi facilities in hostels and colleges. But few IITs have certain restrictions like in IIT Guwahati during the college hours students can’t access free wifi in hostel rooms.