How is the fishing in Bay of Quinte?

How is the fishing in Bay of Quinte?

The Bay of Quinte is mainly feed by the Trent River system which is known to have a very prolifc fishing. A variety of sport fish inhabit the area including, walleye, perch, large and smallmouth bass, pike, muskie, white bass, crappie, freshwater drum, carp and catfish.

How thick is the ice on Bay of Quinte?

approx 6 inches
There is good ice at Potters creek approx 6 inches of solid ice. Point Anne has some ice but it is only a couple inches thick out in the current with some water on top, very sketchy, personally I did not go… More.

Where can I ice fish on Bay of Quinte?

Hay Bay. About ten kilometres south of Deseronto is Hay Bay. The eastern end is shallow and weedy, which makes it great for largemouth fishing, but in the western end it gets deeper, making it perfect for walleye trollers.

Where are the walleye in Bay of Quinte?

Walleye as large as 10 lbs are caught, although not common. During this time we operate out of Picton Harbour and fish the areas of Long Reach, Hay Bay, Sherman’s Point, Thompson’s point, Picton Bay, Mallory Bay, Big Bay, and the narrows.

Is Bay of Quinte frozen?

BELLEVILLE – Winter is off to a warm start in 2020, and its effects locally can be seen by the lack of ice on the Bay of Quinte. Ice fishing on the bay is one the area’s biggest winter attractions. But with inconsistent weather so far this season, the bay has not stayed completely frozen.

Does the Bay of Quinte freeze over?

Every year as winter approaches, Ontario’s Bay of Quinte seemingly does its best to hold off from freezing over—and that’s good news for diehard open-water anglers.

Is the Bay of Quinte frozen?

What was the biggest walleye ever caught?

25 pounds
So let the record be known in the walleye world that the world record walleye of 25 pounds which measured 41 inches in length was caught by Mabry Harper in the great state of Tennessee in 1960 was a most well documented claim and there has never been any evidence to prove the contrary.

What Lake is Bay of Quinte?

Lake Ontario
Bay of Quinte, arm of Lake Ontario, southeastern Ontario, Canada, extending for 75 miles (121 km) from its entrance near Amherst Island to Murray Canal at the western end. It is a narrow bay, ranging from one to six miles in width.

Is the ice safe on Bay of Quinte?

Warmer weather this month has led to unsafe ice conditions, and currents in the Bay of Quinte are making the ice very uneven. A fire department spokesperson says “while there could be eight inches of ice in one area, 20 feet away there could only be one inch, so even if the ice looks safe to be on, it isn’t.”