How good is Shahid Afridi?

How good is Shahid Afridi?

He also holds the record for having hit the most sixes in the history of ODI cricket. Bowling-wise Afridi, who considers himself a better bowler than batter, has taken 395 wickets in ODI and 48 Test wickets. In addition he has also taken 98 T20I wickets.

Who is best all-rounder in Pakistan?

Player Span Inns
Inzamam-ul-Haq 1991-2007 348
Mohammad Yousuf 1998-2010 267
Saeed Anwar 1989-2003 244
Shahid Afridi 1996-2015 364

Who is the best all rounder in the world?

Men’s ODI All-Rounder Rankings

Pos Player Career Best Rating
1 (0) Shakib Al Hasan 453 v Zimbabwe, 05/11/2009
2 (0) Mohammad Nabi 349 v Zimbabwe, 26/02/2017
3 (0) Chris Woakes 312 v New Zealand, 10/03/2018
4 (0) Rashid Khan 359 v Pakistan, 21/09/2018

Who hit longest six in cricket history?

Shahid Afridi
Longest six in cricket history: 10 biggest sixes in international cricket

1 Shahid Afridi (Pakistan) 153 meters
2 Brett Lee (Australia) 130 meters
3 Martin Guptill (New Zealand) 127 meters
4 Liam Livingstone (England) 122 meters

Are Shaheen and Shahid Afridi related?

But, soon Shaheen Afridi is about to become the son-in-law of Shahid Afridi. Former Pakistan team captain Shahid Khan Afridi had in May this year, confirmed that his eldest daughter will tie the knot with Pakistani fast bowler Shaheen Shah Afridi in the future.

Is Shaheen Afridi married?

Legendary Pakistan allrounder Shahid Afridi has confirmed his eldest daughter is engaged to fast bowler Shaheen Afridi. In an interview with a TV channel, the former Pakistan captain said if god willing, Shaheen will become his son-in-law in the future. “My daughter is engaged to Shaheen, Alhamdulillah.

Who is Pakistan’s best bowler?

Wasim Akram

Player Span Balls
Wasim Akram 1985-2002 22627
Waqar Younis 1989-2003 16224
Imran Khan 1971-1992 19458
Danish Kaneria 2000-2010 17697

Who is the best finisher in world?

Jos Buttler The English player has also been dubbed a “360-degree” cricketer. Due to his ability to recognize and manipulate rival teams’ field placements while scoring from all over the pitch. Similarly, the wicketkeeper has elevated his game to new heights and is now often considered the world’s greatest finisher.