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How does Mayo Chiki light novel end?

How does Mayo Chiki light novel end?

Masamune and Subaru end up becoming maids of the Suzutsuki household and everyone is happy as a result that they can all be together. The series ends with Nakuru, Kureha, Narumi paying them a visit, Nakuru tells of a new book she is writing.

How many volumes of Mayo Chiki are there?

Mayo Chiki!

Volumes 12
Written by Hajime Asano
Illustrated by NEET

Who does Subaru Konoe end up with?

And at first she was hostile, but then they grew closer and closer to each other. She traversed from being acquaintances to good friends, to best friends, to comrades, to being in love with Kinjirō; by the end of the manga, they officially became a couple/engaged.

How many volumes is the light novel?

As of March 25, 2020, twenty-two volumes and three unique volumes have been published. The light novel series was licensed and translated into English by One Peace Books and published overseas both digitally and physically by August 22, 2013.

Does Kanade love Kinjirō?

She notes that Kinjirō is the first, and only, man who is willing to talk her down and she has “fallen in love” with him as a result. She Kissed Kinjirō, and said that was her first kiss.

Is Mayo Chiki harem anime?

‘Mayo Chiki! ‘ is a fun little romantic harem comedy, set in a high school. The series follows a male character who has a tough body but has a fear of women. This has happened because his mother and sister are wrestling fans and try their moves on him.

Is Mayo Chiki canceled?

It’s been confirmed that Mayo Chiki Season 2 is not being renewed. The makers have remained quiet on the subject, so there will be no second season.

Did Subaru get married?

they get married, have 2 kids, and live life. The story is pretty bittersweet. Now, there’s no anime for it, there is only a web novel for it which you can find after a little digging.

Who does naofumi end up with?

Eventually, Naofumi did indeed marry Melty (and several other women, including Raphtalia) and in effect became Trash’s son in law.

How many chapters does a light novel have?

The light novel is around 13-17 chapter/volume with the word more than 10k while there are some author will split the volume for each arc.

Does Kanade like Jiro?

Is Mayo Chiki a bl?

Is Mayo Chiki bl? Personality. Her major personality quirk is being a BL lover and a mass pervert to major extents.