How does Blast2GO work?

How does Blast2GO work?

Blast2GO Features Handle tens of thousand sequences in one project. Functional annotation in 3 steps: BLAST to find homologous sequences, MAPPING to retrieve GO terms and ANNOTATION to select reliable functions. Different annotation databases are supported: Gene Ontology Terms, Enzyme Codes and InterPro Domains.

How do I download Blast2GO?

Download Blast2GO 6.0 We highly recommend to upgrade to OmicsBox. If you still want to download Blast2GO please click here where you can find executable installers which will install Blast2GO on your computer. Choose between Windows, Mac or Linux based versions. No need to install Java.

What is OmicsBox?

OmicsBox is a bioinformatics software solution which allows to get from reads to insights with ease. Use OmicsBox for the NGS data analysis of genomes, transcriptomics and metagenomes. OmicsBox is structured in Modules. Depending on your needs you can combine different modules required for your data analysis.

What is Gene Ontology mapping?

Mapping is the process of retrieving GO terms associated to the Hits obtained by the BLAST search. Blast2GO performs four different mappings steps: BLAST result accessions are used to retrieve gene names or symbols making use of two mapping files provided by the NCBI (gene_info, gene2accession).

What is eggNOG Mapper?

eggNOG-mapper is a tool for functional annotation of large sets of sequences based on fast orthology assignments using precomputed clusters and phylogenies from the eggNOG database. Orthology assignment is ideally suited for functional inference.

What is blast to go?

Blast2GO allows you to create your own Blast database from a single or multi-species FASTA file using the option “Make Blast Database”. Once the database is formatted it can be used to run a local Blast.

What is blast and how is it used?

BLAST is a computer algorithm that is available for use online at the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) website, as well as many other sites. BLAST can rapidly align and compare a query DNA sequence with a database of sequences, which makes it a critical tool in ongoing genomic research.

What is BLAST to go?

What is BLAST and how is it used?

What is omics in biology?

The word omics refers to a field of study in biological sciences that ends with -omics, such as genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, or metabolomics. The ending -ome is used to address the objects of study of such fields, such as the genome, proteome, transcriptome, or metabolome, respectively.

How does Gene Ontology work?

The Gene Ontology allows users to describe a gene/gene product in detail, considering three main aspects: its molecular function, the biological process in which it participates, and its cellular location.