How do you win a ladder match in WWE 2011?

How do you win a ladder match in WWE 2011?

The trick to multi-man ladder matches is to let the other guys do most of your work for you. Pick one opponent and beat on him as much as you can while the others actually fetch a ladder and get it in the ring. Use a lot of running attacks to keep as many opponents on the ground as much as possible.

How do you climb ladder in SmackDown vs Raw 2011?

Circle to either lean it against the corner or the ropes or any other stationary object, like a table or another ladder. X to climb up the ladder. Circle / Grab also pushes the ladder over, when you’re at the side.

How do you climb the ladder in WWE 2K17 ps3?

In WWE 2K17, the ladder can only be set up in five specific locations: in front of each set of ropes, and in the center of the ring. Just get close to one, press the right button, and it gets set up properly every time. No more setting it up and climbing to the top, only to find you were an inch too far to the left.

How do you climb the ladder in WWE 2016?

How Climb ladder

  1. Answer from: Coolguy. Go to the side tap LB while holding the right stick in the direction of the wall you want to climb. …
  2. Answer from: Sj. You have to press L1 button. …
  3. Answer from: Ryback Rules. Walk to the ladder rungs and click RB. …
  4. Answer from: TheGaminBatman.

What was the first ever ladder match in WWE?

The first ever ladder match in the WWF, in which Hart defeated Shawn Michaels to retain the WWF Intercontinental Title, was held in Portland, ME on July 21, 1992.

Who has won the most ladder matches?

1 Jeff Hardy: 12 Appearances (7 Wins – 5 Losses) Jeff Hardy is without a doubt, the king of Ladder matches. Not only has he worked four more matches than the person with the second-most appearances, but he also has the most wins as well.

How do you climb the ladder in WWE 2K17 PC?