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How do you style a room with dark wood floors?

How do you style a room with dark wood floors?

Embrace the Dark If you have dark flooring, consider creating a cosy effect with a dark wall colour. Choose shades from deep indigo, emerald, slate grey or black and choose light or medium wood accents, warm metallics and neutral textures for an intimate room, perfect for relaxing in the evening.

What looks good on dark wood floors?

What Goes With Dark Wood Floors?

  • White walls and light wood furniture.
  • Match furniture legs to the floors.
  • Mixed woods and white.
  • Rich wall color and kilim rug.
  • Dark rug, light walls.
  • Marble, white, bronze and wood.
  • Bright hue plus white.
  • “Muddied” hues and layered textures.

What colors go well with dark wooden floors?

Light vs. Dark Matters for Hardwood Floors

  • White. You can choose several cool white shades for your walls.
  • Light Gray. Rather than pure white, you can always go for a light gray that has undertones of beige, blue, green, or taupe.
  • Very Light Blue. Lighter blue walls go great with dark hardwood floors.
  • Subtle Green.

Are black wood floors in style?

Dark hardwood flooring is among the most popular styles. Its polished, rustic sheen makes for an unmatched quality look that will enhance the value of your home. With dark hardwood floors, you’ll enjoy: Long-lasting color: Its color makes dark hardwood prone to absorbing sunlight, while light hardwood reflects it.

Are dark floors going out of style?

Dark brown hardwood floors in particular never seem to go out of fashion, they are always trendy and still in style. There’s something about the contrast between dark wood floors and bright, light walls, white kitchen cabinets, furnishing etc. that epitomize a sophisticated and upmarket style.

Do dark wood floors make a room look smaller?

Dark floors will not automatically make your room look smaller. While overloading a small space with dark colors will absorb light and make the space feel even smaller, dark floors can actually help to open a space up, if done correctly.

How do you brighten a room with dark wood floors?

The best way to compliment your dark floors is with light colored walls. The color contrast will offset your flooring and give you a nice balance of light and dark. Not only that, but the lighter color will cause more light to bounce around your room making it naturally brighter, and feel larger.

Do black floors make a room look smaller?

Is black flooring a good idea?

Smart, sophisticated and the perfect base for any décor, a black floor is a timeless classic. Whether you prefer solid and glossy, boldly patterned or partnered with white, black is a top choice underfoot, as these schemes show. One of a black floor’s best roles is as a foil for fabulous accessories.

Are dark floors out of style?

Is it better to have light or dark floors?

Dark floors tend to be more stylish and hide imperfections while light floors tend to show dirt less and last longer. Your decision may vary based on whether you are staying in your home or planning to sell in the next few years. Importantly, both dark and light hardwood floors are great options.