How do you say tree in different languages?

How do you say tree in different languages?

In other languages tree

  • American English: tree /ˈtri/
  • Arabic: شَجَرَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: árvore.
  • Chinese: 树
  • Croatian: drvo.
  • Czech: strom.
  • Danish: træ
  • Dutch: boom.

How do you say Christmas tree in Italy?

The word for Christmas tree in Italian is albero di Natale (masculine, plural: alberi di Natale). Albero is the word for tree while Natale is the word for Christmas.

What is the meaning of Albero?

Noun. albero (uncountable) Densely packed crushed rock covering the ground where a bullfight will take place.

What does Benvenuto mean?

Benvenuto Name Meaning Italian: from the medieval personal name Benvenuto, meaning ‘welcome’ (from Old Italian bene ‘well’ + venuto ‘arrived’). Generally it was an omen name given to a long-awaited and much-desired child.

What is the Latin name for tree?

Broadleaved Trees

Latin Name Common Name
Alnus incana Grey alder
Betula pendula Silver birch
Betula pubescens Downy birch
Carpinus betulus Hornbeam

What we called tree in Sanskrit?

Etymology. Borrowed from Sanskrit वृक्ष (vṛkṣa).

How do you say forest in different languages?

In other languages forest

  1. Arabic: غَابَة
  2. Brazilian Portuguese: floresta.
  3. Chinese: 森林
  4. Croatian: šuma.
  5. Czech: les.
  6. Danish: skov.
  7. Dutch: bos.
  8. European Spanish: bosque grande.

How do you say garden in different languages?

In other languages garden

  1. Arabic: حَدِيقَة
  2. Brazilian Portuguese: jardim.
  3. Chinese: 花园
  4. Croatian: vrt.
  5. Czech: zahrada.
  6. Danish: have.
  7. Dutch: tuin.
  8. European Spanish: jardín.

How do you say treehouse in different languages?

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  1. بيت الشجرةArabic.
  2. træhusDanish.
  3. BaumhausGerman.
  4. δεντρόσπιτοGreek.
  5. casa del árbolSpanish.
  6. خانه درختیPersian.
  7. puuhun rakennettu majaFinnish.
  8. tree houseFrench.

How do you say wood in other languages?

In other languages wood

  1. Arabic: خَشْب
  2. Brazilian Portuguese: madeira.
  3. Chinese: 木材
  4. Croatian: drvo.
  5. Czech: dřevo.
  6. Danish: træ
  7. Dutch: hout.
  8. European Spanish: madera pequeño.

What do they call Santa in Italy?

Babbo Natale
St. Nick, Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, whatever you want to call him, it wouldn’t truly be Christmas without the jolly old benefactor giving out presents to the children around the world! And Babbo Natale – or Daddy Christmas – is Italy’s answer to the man in the red suit.

How do I use the Italian to English translator?

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Is there such a thing as tea tree?

…a small apricot tree which bore luscious fruit. There is a 1,700-year-old tea tree still living in southern China which is more than 100 feet tall and counting. He crashed into a tree in driving rain.