How do you rehab a distal bicep tendon tear?

How do you rehab a distal bicep tendon tear?

Therapeutic Exercises:

  1. Elbow range of motion as prescribed.
  2. Hand/wrist range of motion and edema control.
  3. Scapular retraction/protraction/elevation/depression.
  4. Gravity‐assisted flexion and extension (begin at week 2)
  5. Cardiovascular fitness (treadmill walking, elliptical without arm use, bike)

How long does it take for a distal bicep tendon to heal?

It takes about 3 to 4 months for your biceps muscle to heal. You may be able to do easier daily activities in 2 to 3 weeks, as long as you don’t use your injured arm.

How long after distal bicep surgery can I lift weights?

After the 6-week post-operative period the elbow is gradually stretched into full elbow extension and full pronation. Formal strength retraining is usually started at 2-3 months post-operative but return to sport and heavy lifting is delayed to 6 months following surgery.

When do you start physical therapy after bicep tendon surgery?

Exercises for the biceps muscle are usually avoided until at least four to six weeks after surgery. Our Physical Therapist may begin by having you do light isometric strengthening exercises. These exercises work the biceps muscle without straining the healing tendon.

How do you rehab a partially torn bicep tendon?

Treatment may include:

  1. Rest. You will be instructed in ways that allows the limb to rest to promote healing.
  2. Icing. Your physical therapist will show you how to apply ice to the affected area to manage pain and swelling.
  3. Range-of-Motion Activities.
  4. Strengthening Exercises.
  5. Functional Activities.
  6. Education.

Can you lift weights with a torn bicep?

You can plan to wait at least six months to return to unrestricted weight lifting after distal biceps surgery. When you can lift heavy weights with no pain, there are many exercises you can do to fully strengthen your bicep tendon.

How do you rehab a bicep tendon?

Step 1: Stand upright and hold a yardstick, broom, or other stick behind your back in both hands, knuckles facing down. Step 2: Slowly raise the stick up your back with both hands until you feel a stretch in your injured arm. Step 3: Hold this position for thirty seconds, then gently release your arms back down.

What happens if you don’t fix distal bicep tendon?

Other arm muscles can substitute for the injured tendon, usually resulting in full motion and reasonable function. Left without surgical repair, however, the injured arm will have a 30% to 40% decrease in strength, mainly in twisting the forearm (supination). Rupture of the biceps tendon at the elbow is uncommon.

Can a torn bicep be repaired years later?

Total healing time for any injury or surgical repair is usually one year. Limitations vary based on distal or proximal repair. Both repairs for a biceps tendon rupture will require the use of a post-operative sling for up to 4 weeks.

Can you deadlift with a torn bicep?

Deadlifting whilst gripping with both hands is not appropriate if the bicep has fully torn. If it is just a minor strain, you might want to experiment with holding the bar with both hands in an overhand grip. Note: You should always seek medical advice first before resuming training after injury.

Is distal bicep surgery worth it?

Surgeons seem to agree that the benefit of surgery is a little more supination strength, with flexion strength returning close to normal with or without surgery. An untreated rupture causes less deformity than with proximal biceps rupture. Surgery adds a scar and does not entirely prevent deformity.

How painful is distal bicep surgery?

Patients often feel a sudden ‘pop’ or ‘rip’, have immediate pain and often develop significant bruising in the days following the injury. It is often painful for patients to try to lift anything with the injured arm.