How do you make a Whistle account?

How do you make a Whistle account?

Whistle will prompt you with an Account creation form :

  1. Enter in your first and last name, email, password and password confirmation.
  2. After you hit the ‘Create’ button, you will be redirected to your Whistle Activation Confirmation page.

How do I add a Family member to my Whistle app?

  1. Tap the paw icon to go to the Pet tab.
  2. Under the Family section, tap Add Humans.
  3. A texting window will open. Choose a contact from your phone.
  4. Send the text message.
  5. You’ll be notified once your contact accepts the invitation and will see them in your pet’s profile.

How do I download the Whistle app?

Just download the free WHISTLE™ mobile app to your iOS or Android smartphone and stay connected to your pet from wherever you are. You’ll need to be signed into your Apple or Google account in order to download the app. Please make sure to download the Whistle app with the light green logo and dark green background.

How do I connect my Whistle to Wi-Fi?


  1. Tap the Human icon.
  2. Tap Safe Places.
  3. Select your Safe Place.
  4. Tap the Edit Wi-Fi icon (looks like a pencil & paper)
  5. Select the pet you are pairing to Wi-Fi.
  6. Select your network, then enter password.
  7. Tap Confirm.

How do you activate whistle go?

1. Tap on the Human Stuff bottom right icon and select Add a Whistle device. 2. Select the Whistle GO / GO Explore GPS and Activity Tracker.

How do I find my lost Whistle tracker?

If your tracker has detached from the collar and gotten lost, you can use the last known location in the app to find the device. As long as the tracker still has battery, you can request an updated location from the app to pinpoint where it is.

What is Whistle app?

Your Whistle smart monitor tracks your pet’s scratching, licking, drinking, and sleeping patterns. If changes in their patterns might point to potential health issues, you’ll get notified so you can take action.

How do I connect my Whistle to WIFI?

How do you set up a Whistle dog tracker?

Download the WHISTLE™ Pet Tracker app and follow these steps: Open the Whistle app and you will see three options. If you already have an account with Whistle, select ‘Log In’. If this is your first Whistle device you are setting up, select ‘Set up Whistle device’.

How does the dog whistle app work?

A dog whistle app effectively catches a dog’s attention because it supports high sound frequencies your pet has better chances to hear. Dogs have good ears for sounds that might seem muted to the human ear, and those are exactly what a whistle app yields. You might not be able to hear the sounds, but your dog will.