How do you give yourself Trigger Point Therapy?

How do you give yourself Trigger Point Therapy?

Here’s how to self-massage:

  1. Find the tight spots (odds are you won’t have to look too hard).
  2. Use your fingers (or tools like foam rollers and massage balls) to press firmly into the trigger points.
  3. Repeat for three to five minutes, ideally as often as five or six times per day.

How do you treat myofascial trigger points?


  1. Medications. There are several medications that can ease the symptoms of MPS, including:
  2. Dry needling. Dry needling is one of the quickest ways to inactivate myofascial trigger points.
  3. Trigger point injections.
  4. Ultrasound therapy.
  5. Massage therapy.
  6. Spray and stretch.

Is myofascial release the same as trigger point therapy?

For this reason, myofascial therapy is sometimes referred to as ‘myofascial release’ therapy. It may also be referred to as ‘myofascial trigger point therapy’ by others.

How many trigger points is ITV?

six episodes
How many episodes of Trigger Point are there? Trigger Point has six episodes in total and will continue to air Sunday nights at 9pm on ITV throughout February. Whilst those who missed the first four episodes are able to catch up fans via the ITV Hub now.

Can you do trigger point release on yourself?

You will be glad to know that self-treatment can be performed! Trigger point release is the most common way of treating these issues when you have correctly diagnosed and identified the areas which may be a problem. The technique is simple and can be performed as much as you feel it needs.

Can you do myofascial release on yourself?

Unlike other approaches to treating myofascial pain, such as injection therapy, dry needling, and deep-tissue massage, SMFR methods do not require the assistance of a physical therapist or fitness professional but can be performed by the individual herself [3], and are considered “a cost-effective rehabilitation tool …

Is Trigger Point on catch up?

How many episodes of Trigger Point are there? Trigger Point consists of six, one-hour episodes. The final episode will air Sunday 27th February at 9pm on ITV. Catch up on all the episodes on the ITV Hub.

Can I watch all of Trigger Point?

Are all episodes of Trigger Point on ITV Hub? No, episodes of the show become available weekly after they premiere on ITV.