How do you get boosters in Pet Rescue Saga?

How do you get boosters in Pet Rescue Saga?

You will get a trial booster for one level. After that, you can buy it by spending in-game coins or FB credits. Some levels have a column blaster rocket. It gets charged up when you remove groups of same-colored blocks.

What is the highest level in Pet Rescue Saga?

In Pet Rescue Saga, there are currently 4707 levels (4707 levels on the mobile version also), all within 187 episodes. (The first episode contains five levels, the second episode contains ten, the third episode contains twelve, the rest containing 15.)

How do you get rid of the metal boxes in Pet Rescue Saga?

Pet Rescue Saga level 42 introduces a new “steel box” block that can’t be broken by matching. The only way to break these blocks is via the rocket (or “Column Blaster” if you’re using the official terminology) or through the use of bombs. Remember that to charge your rocket, you need to make big matches.

How many levels does pet rescue puzzle have?

The game has 35 pets and 650 levels available at launch.

How do you get gold bars in Pet Rescue?

Gold can be used to buy Boosters, Lives, Moves and to unlock Episodes. After Level 8, the player receives 50 gold bars.

How do you get rid of the black boxes on pet rescue saga?

Getting rid of Black blocks can be challenging! Using a Bomb, a Column Blaster or a Line Blaster will destroy them!

How do you break the black blocks in Pet Rescue Saga?

Using a Bomb, a Column Blaster or a Line Blaster will destroy them!

How do you destroy the cages in pet rescue saga?

Wooden Cage is a blocker in Pet Rescue Saga….Properties

  1. It traps pet when there is no block underneath the cage.
  2. When empty wooden cage is moved to the bottom, it is automatically destroyed.
  3. Using column blaster, or row blaster can also destroy the cage.

What happened to pet rescue puzzle saga?

From December 15th 2020 you’ll no longer be able to play Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga. Thank you for all your pawsome passion and support.

How do you break the glass blocks on pet rescue?

2. Break Carriers and Glass Blocks Quickly, Except When You Shouldn’t! Pets in Pet Rescue Saga are often stuck in Carriers, which are like blocks in that they must be matched with other blocks or carriers of the same color in order to break them.

How do you free pets from cages in pet rescue?

To release a Pet from a Pet Carrier, pop it when it’s next to a block of a similar color. You can also open it with a Bomb or a Column Blaster!