How do you destroy the magic mixer in candy crush?

How do you destroy the magic mixer in candy crush?

You can destroy a Magic Mixer by matching adjacent candies or by blasting the mixer with a special candy, like the Striped or Wrapped candy. You’ll need to attack the mixer multiple times for it to break down and disappear. Keep a close eye on those corner screws to see how close to breaking it is!

How do you destroy blockers in candy crush?

Colour bomb + colour bomb combination can strip a layer from or remove all of the blockers, except chocolate fountains, sugar chests, bobbers, and candy cane fences.

How do you stop the bomb from exploding in candy crush?

The best strategy to remove it is to activate a wrapped candy around it to remove the lock and the bomb. Or match the colour bomb with a striped candy, but, this is very hard. Level 482 on mobile.

How many times do you have to hit the magic mixer in candy Crush?

The magic mixer takes 5 hits to destroy and when destroyed it creates an explosion that is equal to a wrapped candy + wrapped candy combo.

What is sweet teeth in candy Crush?

Sweet Teeth was a booster in Candy Crush Saga exclusively on Flash version. It was unlocked at level 52, and had the ability to eat every blocker in the game except chocolate fountains and popcorn. Of course, it would eat all kinds of candies.

What do toffee swirls do in Candy Crush?

Three-layered Toffee Swirls are movable blockers that occupy only one space. These blockers can be destroyed by an adjacent match or special candies’ effects that touch it. Jelly can hide under the three-layered toffee swirl. These blockers need three hits to destroy.

How do you clear the black licorice in candy crush?

There are two combinations they are not resistant to – the colour bomb and colour bomb mix, and wrapped candy and wrapped candy mix. This will wipe out all liquorice swirls with no problem, or in the case of the latter, only eliminate all liquorice swirls in their blast radius.