How do I reset my UniMac commercial washer?

How do I reset my UniMac commercial washer?

Once the bearings have been lubricated, reset the bearing counter by pressing and holding the STOP, BACK and LCD buttons. Press the arrow buttons until Reset Bearing Timer is highlighted and press ENTER. The counter will reset and the text will change to Bearing Timer Reset.

Where are UniMac washers made?

UniMac and Speed Queen Commercial Brands Now Factory Direct in Texas.

How big is a 60lb washer?


Control Options M9
Overall Width – in (mm) 34.1″ (866)
Overall Depth – in (mm) 44.7″ (1135)
Overall Height – in (mm) 49.9 (1267)
Cylinder Diameter – in (mm) 30″ (762)

What is washer extractors?

A washer-extractor (or automatic washing machine) automatically fills with water, cleans fabrics, and then extracts the water from the fabrics, usually by spinning them in a drum. On ArchiExpo, these machines arranged by properties such as type of loading (e.g,. front-loading) or use (e.g., for cleanrooms).

What does sh mean on a Unimac dryer?

SH errors are dead short errors, so the first thing to do is go to the back of the commercial dryer and check the temperature sensing probe. A likely problem is that the dryer’s thermistor needs to be replaced, so simply change that part and check to see if the SH error is gone.

Why is my washer not adding water?

The hot and cold water hoses that lead to your machine should have a filter screen to catch any large particles that might be coming through the lines. Sometimes these screens can get clogged, which keeps water from flowing properly. This is probably the most common reason for a washer not filling with water.

Who makes UniMac?

Alliance Laundry Systems LLC is a provider of commercial laundry systems. The company designs, manufactures, and markets a line of commercial laundry equipment under various brands in over 100 countries….Alliance Laundry Systems.

Type Private
Products Speed Queen UniMac Huebsch IPSO Primus
Number of employees 2,730 (2014)

What does e fl mean on a washer?

Fill Error
E:FL – Fill Error – Pressure switch fails to open in 30 minutes in any fill agitate cycle.

Where can I find more information about Unimac equipment?

Below you will find information regarding most of the UniMac line of equipment. The information includes a PDF for one or all of the following: Installation and Operation Instructions and/or Use and Care Manuals. For more information please email us at [email protected] or call us at 1-800-258-3570 and we will be happy to assist.

What does Unimac do for commercial laundry manufacturers?

Support | Commercial Laundry Manufacturer – UniMac UniMac provides technical support services and financing solutions for laundry owners. Find and download the Unimac Washer Parts Manuals.

How to contact Unimac-Alliance International?

Alliance International bvba Nieuwstraat 146 8560 Wevelgem – Belgium T +32 56 41 20 54 F +32 56 41 86 74 [email protected] Expert Solutions f r o m L tahuendry Experts For more detailed technical information please visit Due to continuous product improvements, design and specifi cations subject to change without notice.

What is the UC code for hard Mount washer extractors?

COMPMREORCDIALU LCAUTN DRRYA ENQUGIPEMENT UC Cabinet hard mount washer extractors UC20 – UC30 – UC40 – UC60 – UC80 – UC125