How do I refill my T-Mobile minutes?

How do I refill my T-Mobile minutes?

Refill by phone You can refill your prepaid account on the phone by calling the T-Mobile Refill Center. Just dial *ADD or click to call 1-877-720-5195.

How do I keep my T-Mobile prepaid active?

To use our prepaid Service you Your monthly plan will automatically renew at the end of 30 days if you have a sufficient T-Mobile prepaid Service account balance to cover your prepaid Service plan before the first day after your service cycle.

How long do T-Mobile prepaid cards last?

Funds expire 90 days after being deposited. Account expires 90 days after funds are empty. Also, understand that a “month” for prepaid IS 30 days. So, you need to take this into account with your timings.

What is at Mobile Refill payment?

Prepaid Bill offers a fast, easy and flexible way to purchase refill minutes for T-Mobile prepaid phones as well as minutes for phones from many other carriers.To get started ordering your T-Mobile instant refill, simply enter an amount of $10 to $100. Then you’ll enter your wireless phone number.

How do I change my T-Mobile prepaid plan immediately?

Change your plan

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click ACCOUNT.
  3. Click your plan.
  4. Click Manage my plan.
  5. Follow the prompts to change your plan.

Do T-Mobile SIM cards expire?

Most T-Mobile SIM cards expire in 2 years.

Does T Mobile SIM card expire?

The SIM card is valid for 90 days after the last refill. After 90 days since last recharge, it will be terminated and the remaining credits will be lost.

What happens if I don’t recharge my prepaid phone?

If you not recharge your prepaid number every month then the telecom companies stop your outgoing calls & sms. And when your sim validity expired their team de activate your number. According to TRAI if any sim card will get deactivated if not recharged or being used within the period of 90 days.