How do I identify my Hofner guitar?

How do I identify my Hofner guitar?

Numbers are commonly found around the f-hole, mostly on the treble side (but sometimes on the bass side). There is a strut which runs the length of the body, between the f-hole and the strings. The number should be written or stamped between the f-hole and this strut.

Are Hofner classical guitars any good?

The Hofner line of classical guitars features great quality all the way around. Professional guitar players have been known to use all of the guitars in this line, The quality does not deteriorate by a lot the further you go down the line. These guitars are generally crafted well across the board.

How do you date a Hofner guitar?

From 1986 up to 1999 The Hofner instruments received new serial numbers with six digits: The first digit means the year of manufacture, the second and third the month, the fourth and fifth the day, the sixth is the number of the guitar made this day. In the year 2000 the first digit changed to a letter.

Are Hofner basses still made in Germany?

Today in Beijing, Hofner produces a range student instruments, while medium-priced and master-built instruments are still made in Hagenau, Germany.

How do I find out how much my guitar is worth?

Look for a serial number. The guitar’s serial number also may give you a clue to its value. Generally speaking, a lower serial number (for example, “0001”) indicates an older guitar that will be worth more than one with a higher serial number (for example, “0987”).

Is Hofner a good guitar brand?

Hofner Germany makes some beautiful guitars and they are reputed to be very well made with good tone.

Where are Hofner classical guitars made?

Höfner is still making classical guitars, still by hand, in the traditional way, our passion for perfection and our love for quality is everlasting. Today we are still hand making classical guitars in the workshops at Hagenau in Germany.

How much does a Hofner violin cost?

2) Hofner Violin, cost: approx. $200. Comes w/ bow, rosin and case.

Where are JHS vintage guitars made?

Vintage® guitars are designed in the UK and built to exacting standards using only the best quality hardware, pickups and tone woods.

Who plays Hofner guitar?

Plays the Hofner in the film “Idle on Parade”. One of the mainstays of UK music in the late 50’s and early 60’s. Lead guitarist with The Tremeloes – Rick played the Hofners before acquiring his sunburst Strat….FAMOUS HOFNER GUITAR PLAYERS FROM THE PAST AND PRESENT.

Justin Haywood Club 60 Bought in Swindon during early 60s whilst still at school.