How do I get through the tunnel in the last of us?

How do I get through the tunnel in the last of us?

Squeeze in between the pipes and the wall to find a wood pallet to throw down to Ellie. Hop down yourself, and swim Ellie across the water. She’ll climb up and drop down a big ladder for you. It falls off the wall, so carry it over to the gap you can’t cross and lay it down.

How do you get past the bus in the water in the last of us?

Drop into the water, then dive to your right until you come to an underwater door. Swim all the way through it and then come up for air. Keep going forwards through the pipes, then get up onto the walkway. There’s a pallet up here that you can knock down for Ellie.

How do you get past the guards in the last of us?

Go from behind the cop car to the tank to the building. Once in the building, hide as far as you can away to the right, then throw a brick back by the police car to distract the guards.

How do you get Ellie through subway?

Swim through the water, pressing Circle to dive and pressing X to resurface. Ellie will take care of herself, so just swim at your own pace. Keep moving down the subway tunnel until Ellie finds a flashlight.

How do you beat the clickers?

You can throw items as a distraction and they are likely to respond to the sound. A good way to kill a group of them is to use a molotov, as other clickers in the area will come and (if they stay in the fire long enough) get burned as well.

How many bloaters are in the last of us?

Bloaters are tough, so much so that that there are only three in The Last of Us Part II, one of which you can avoid. When fighting a Bloater, always keep your distance. If they get ahold of you, you’re dead, no question about it.

How do you get past the armored trucks in the last of us?

How to Get Past the Humvee

  1. Use the surroundings to take cover from the Humvee.
  2. Watch out for its turret, if it is not directed towards you.
  3. It is better to remain hidden and taking out the Hunters for you to not alert them.
  4. After getting discovered, run towards the alley through the open door and head upstairs.

How many chapters are there in last of us?

There are a total of 12 chapters in The Last Of Us and The Last Of Us Remastered.