How do I get ringtones for AT?

How do I get ringtones for AT?

  1. Go to the AT AppCenter Home screen and choose Categories.
  2. Choose Ringtones, Ringback Tones, Games,Applications.
  3. Choose Ringtones.
  4. Filter to select the ringtone you want to download.
  5. Choose Get It and enter the information that you’ll be asked for.
  6. Choose Buy to download that ringtone for your phone [source: ATT].

What is the AT ringtone called?

AT Radiant (Z740) – Change ringtones – AT.

How do I add ringtones to my AT phone?

Choose which ringtone your device will use to alert you to incoming calls.

  1. From the home screen, drag down from the Notifications bar with two fingers to access the menu.
  2. Tap SETTINGS.
  3. Tap Sound.
  4. Tap Phone ringtone.
  5. Tap the desired ringtone.
  6. Tap OK.

Does AT offer ringback tones?

Att does not offer ringback tones which a caller hears.

Why did AT stop ringback tones?

Since we offer HD Voice, this was one of the things that conflicted with the feature. In order for us to have the best sounding phone calls on a daily basis, the ringback tone ability was removed. You can totally still change the default ringtones and notifications directly through your device!

How do I change the ringtone on my AT flip phone?

Navigate to and select Settings > Personalization > Sound > Volume > select the desired option to adjust the desired volume settings. CHANGE RINGTONE: From the Sound screen, navigate to and select Tones > Ringtones > desired ringtone.

How can I get free ringback tones?

Websites such as Ventones provide free software that can be used to create ring tones from MP3 or WAV files on your computer.

  1. Visit a ring tone-making website such as Fun For Mobile or Myxer and register for an account.
  2. Select the option to create a free ring tone.

Can you still buy Ringbacks?

The app is available now for T-Mobile customers on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms.

Why is my AT flip phone not ringing?

If the phone does not ring at all, you may have the ringer turned off. The handset and base have independent ringer programming. To adjust the handset or base ringer volume: Step 1: Press MENU on the when the phone is not in use.

How do I change the ringtone on my flip phone 4?


  1. To change the ringtone on the Alcatel GO FLIP 4, follow these steps:
  2. Go to the Home screen.
  3. Scroll down.
  4. Scroll to the right to view the Personalization tab.
  5. Select Tones and press the SELECT key.
  6. Select Ringtones and press the SELECT key.
  7. Select an option and press the SELECT key.
  8. The ringtone has been changed.

Who has ringback tones?

Verizon Wireless
Ringback Tones are available to Verizon Wireless customers for a fee of $0.99 per month. Each Ringback Tone purchased is $1.99, which provides unlimited use for one year. Both the monthly fee and tone purchases appear on the customer’s monthly bill.