How do I get past the Humvee in the last of us?

How do I get past the Humvee in the last of us?

How to Get Past the Humvee

  1. Use the surroundings to take cover from the Humvee.
  2. Watch out for its turret, if it is not directed towards you.
  3. It is better to remain hidden and taking out the Hunters for you to not alert them.
  4. After getting discovered, run towards the alley through the open door and head upstairs.

How do you beat the hotel basement in the last of us?

When the Bloater is within range, hit him with a Molotov and then sprint up the concrete ramp next to the generator and back down the hallway with the overgrown fungus. Use the Hotel Keycard on the door, then go through it to seal the Infected back in the basement.

How do you get past the truck in the last of us?

You’ll have to boost Tess up when you get there, then follow her towards the truck obstructing the path outside. Use the container nearby to get over the truck, kill any of the infected you find in the next building, then grab the rubbish bin.

How do you get out of the hotel in the last of us?

Now that you and Ellie are back together once more, go all the way up the ladder and then explore the hotel until you find the exit. Push the piano up against the wall, climb up it, then head right. Keep walking in the direction of the light to leave the hotel for good.

How long will it take to beat the last of us?

about 15 and a half hours
The Last of Us takes about 15 and a half hours to beat. That doesn’t include any time looking for collectibles, but it does factor in regular gameplay and cutscenes. The is the best way to play the game the first round through.

How do you run faster in the last of us?

Sprinting is an effective way to increase the gap between you and your enemies, and avoid taking damage from their attacks. Press and hold the L1 Button (default) while holding your left analog stick to run.

Where is the safe combination in Last of Us hotel?

Combination Location – Inside the flooded hotel grab the ladder and make your way to the upper level. Once there turn right, facing the chandelier wreckage, there should be a ledge of broken stairs. Make your way past said wreckage to find yourself on the other side. There should be a combination to a safe.

Where is Tess and Ellie in the museum?

You are in a museum. Walk through a few rooms until you find a place you can crawl through. Lift the beam to let Tess and Ellie through, but it crumbles before you can make it, and as if on cue, Clickers show up.

Where is Tess in the museum?

Past the door, there is a staircase that leads up. Once you climb up the stairs, turn your flashlight off and eliminate, silently, the enemy banging at the door. You will then be able to walk through the door, where there is Tess waiting for you.