How do I get a One-Time Password for ff14 free trial?

How do I get a One-Time Password for ff14 free trial?

To do this:

  1. Visit the official Square Enix website and log in.
  2. Click ‘Collection.
  3. Then choose ‘Redeem Code’
  4. Type in your registration code (Steam will inform you of it in a pop up, and for physical copies it’s included with the game.)
  5. Go back to the client.
  6. Type in your registration code.

What is the One-Time Password for Ffxiv?

One-Time Passwords have been introduced as a means of further securing your Square Enix account. What is One-Time password? A “One-Time Password” is a six-digit number shown on a screen using either a key-ring like the Square Enix Security Token or a smartphone app, such as the Square Enix Software Token.

Can you turn off One-Time Password Ffxiv?

2) Go to “Service and Options” and select “One-Time Password.” 3) Select “Adjust Security Token (key ring type) settings” and choose “Security Token removal” and follow the steps for removing the Security Token.

How do I get a One-Time Password for Square Enix?

Log in to the Square Enix Account Management System and open the “One-Time Password” page from the “Services and Options” menu. Select “Adjust Software Token (smartphone application) settings” at the bottom of the page, then click “Software Token Registration”.

How do I get a One-Time Password for Square Enix without phone?

Log in to the Square Enix account management system and open the “One-Time Password” page. Select Configure Software Token Application at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions to generate a registration password to be sent to the e-mail address registered to your Square Enix account.

Does XIV launcher work with One-Time Password?

To use the app as an OTP Token, you have to register it with your Square Enix account. You can do so on the Mog Station by choosing “Manage Square Enix Account” and then clicking the “One Time Password” option in the title bar.

How do I get a One-Time Password?

What is a one-time password and how do I use it?

  1. On the login screen, click Get one-time password.
  2. Enter your email.
  3. Click Send email.
  4. In your email, locate the email with your one-time password.
  5. On your console, return to the login screen.
  6. Enter your email and one-time password.
  7. Click Log In.

Is Final Fantasy free to play?

Is FFXIV free to play? In short, no, FFXIV is not free to play. In a similar vein to rival title World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy 14 relies on a subscription-based service. Even if you buy a physical copy of the base game, you will need to pay monthly to continue your adventure.

Does Final Fantasy 14 have a monthly fee?

Final Fantasy 14 is a subscription-based MMO, which means that if you become a regular player, you’ll eventually have to pay to play it on a monthly basis, subscribing to the service like you would Netflix or Spotify.

Does Endwalker come with game time?

All Final Fantasy XIV players who own the game’s latest Endwalker expansion and have an active subscription will receive seven days of free game time in the wake of ongoing server issues, Square Enix has announced.

Do I need a security token to play Ffxiv?

It’s good to have as an extra security measure, but not required. If you go through with it, make sure you save the emergency removal password. You’ll need it if you change phones, sometimes when you update software on your phone, or if you just don’t want the software token anymore.