How do I factory reset my Allen and Heath Qu 16?

How do I factory reset my Allen and Heath Qu 16?

Do a hard reset by holding the Touch Screen Reset and Setup keys together while powering on the mixer. Keep the keys pressed for at least 5 seconds while the mixer boots, then release the keys. Load your scenes back in to the mixer. Done!

How many channels are in the qu 16?

Qu has an integrated multitrack USB recorder, providing 18 channels of 48kHz, 24bit recording and playback straight to / from your USB key or hard drive.

How do you update Qu?

Open the Setup / Utility / Firmware screen. If valid firmware is found its version number will be displayed on the screen. For example: Touch the Update button.

How do you turn on phantom power Allen and Heath Qu 16?

Turn on 48V if the connected device requires phantom power,Touch and hold for 1 second to toggle on or off. This prevents accidental operation.  To prevent audible thumps make sure the channel is muted before plugging or unplugging sources while phantom power is on.

Is the Allen & Heath qu16 expandable?

The answer to the OP is quite simple: no, the Qu is not expandable in terms of channel count like other mixers. Its channel count is fixed even if you use it with larger stage boxes. Feel free to use your real name if you wish.

How do I turn on phantom power QU 16?

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How to Create Update Queries in Access

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