How do I create a Copa DataSource?

How do I create a Copa DataSource?

Create COPA Data source

  1. Use TCode: KEB0.
  2. Enter CO-PA Data Source name.
  3. Set value as below and Press “Execute” button.
  4. To reset all selected fields by default type “=init” and press
  5. Below screen shot after reset.
  6. Based on requirement select fields and Press “Info Catalog” icon.
  7. Press “Yes”
  8. Save as Local Objects.

How do I make a Copa extractor?

Basically COPA DataSource generation is a generic extraction and we can create the generic DataSource depending on the KPI’s for the Profitability Analysis. Go to T-Code: SBIW –> Settings for Application-Specific DataSources (PI) –> Profitability Analysis –> Create Transaction Data DataSource –> Create a DatSource.

What is Copa extraction in SAP BW?

Basically, COPA will be used to evaluate the “Profitability” of an organization according to their business units and it also captures the various details like discounts, expenses & promotions to obtain the actual profit details.

What is SAP COPA?

SAP COPA is the component of the Controlling module of SAP which deals with reporting of Profitability across various dimensions. It stands for Controlling – Profitability Analysis while popularly referred to as SAP CO-PA.

How do you transfer sales data to COPA by assigning?

Carry out proper setting in the following transaction for transfering SD-Billing Document to CO PA:

  1. Assign Value Field – KE4I.
  2. Assign Quantity Field – KE4M.
  3. Reset Value and Quantity Field – KE4W.

What is account based Copa?

Innovations in Account based COPA Splitting the cost of goods sold into various accounts like material, labor, Overhead etc. Earlier this feature was just in costing-based COPA with value fields assigned to Cost components. Splitting the price different account as per variance category.

What are BW extractors?

An extractor is the program in SAP ERP which can be activated to prepare and capture the data through an extract structure for transfer to BW. The extractor can be the result of a standard DataSource or a custom built DataSource. It can describe a full load or a delta load process of different types.

How do I post a Copa file in SAP?

Top 15 COPA User Transactions User Manual

  1. TOP 1: Create Actual Line Items.
  2. Enter the characteristics and value fields and SAVE.
  3. Specify Co.
  4. Enter the FI document number, Co.
  5. Specify period, fiscal year and cycle.
  6. Specify period, record type and then execute.
  7. Specify periods, record type and execute.

How data flow from FI to CO in SAP?

Every cost related transaction from Financial Accounting (FI) will be carried over to Controlling (CO) by Primary Cost element only. A Primary cost element can be directly posted. Primary cost element is linked to a G/L account and must be created in the FI Chart of Accounts first.

What is the difference between account based Copa and costing based Copa?

Additionally there were restrictions on the no of value fields in costing based copa with around 200 fields (SAP OSS Note 1029391). The account based COPA on the other hand uses cost elements to store the same values for various attributes like revenue, cost of goods sold, and so on.