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How do I contact GE Aviation?

How do I contact GE Aviation?

Contact Us

  1. MEDIA OR PRESS. Contact [email protected].
  2. ACCOUNTS PAYABLE. Call 1 888 999 5103.
  3. SUPPLIER RELATIONS. Contact [email protected].
  4. GE EMPLOYEE BENEFITS. Call 1 800 252 5259.

How is GE Aviation doing?

GE Aviation’s revenue continued to plummet in the first quarter of 2021, falling 28% year over year to $5 billion. However, steep cost cuts implemented last year enabled the segment to achieve a double-digit pretax margin. Segment profit fell 36% to $641 million.

Where is the GE?

GE is a multinational conglomerate headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. However its main offices are located at 30 Rockefeller Plaza at Rockefeller Center in New York City, known now as the Comcast Building.

What countries does GE operate in?


  • GE in Algeria. During more than 40 years in Algeria, GE has fostered partnerships, including major long-term investments.
  • GE in Egypt.
  • GE in Kuwait.
  • GE in Morocco.
  • GE in Oman.
  • GE in Qatar.
  • GE in Pakistan.
  • GE in Tunisia.

Is GE Aviation a good company?

This is good company to work. You will find here work life balance, good internal hike. This company provides you lot of other benefits. Management is good.

Who are GE’s biggest customers?

Key GE Aviation customers include Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Embraer, Sikorsky, and Lockheed Martin.

Did Boeing buy GE Aviation?

Boeing’s acquisition of GE Aviation would fundamentally change the commercial aircraft value chain to an unprecedented degree.

What happened to GE?

Just four years after its formation, General Electric became one of the original 12 companies to be a part of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. GE was included, on and off, for most of its existence until June 2018, when it was replaced by Walgreens Boots Alliance as one of the current 30 companies included.

How many locations does General Electric have?

General Electric is headquartered in Boston, MA and has 243 office locations across 67 countries.

Why choose GE on wing support?

On Wing Support will then service your engine at one of our quick turn “Smart Workscope” shops that can repair or replace the fan, compressor, combustor, high pressure turbine and low pressure turbine modules. GE On Wing Support will coordinate the repair of modules to ensure the engine is repaired quickly and reliably.

What is on wing support?

On Wing Support is an authorized provider for engine service bulletins and warranty programs for GE and CFM engines. Our service stations carry FAA, EASA and local regulatory certifications with authorizations to perform services in the field outside of their fixed bases.

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