How do I connect my Baofeng UV-5R to my computer?

How do I connect my Baofeng UV-5R to my computer?

Click Go to Radio on the menu bar and choose Download From Radio. Choose the COM Port number for the USB cable, the Vendor (Baofeng) and the model of the radio (such as UV-5R) from the drop down lists in the pop-up box. Your radio should be connected to the computer and CHIRP should now be able to communicate with it.

Does CHIRP work on Windows 10?

Note they have versions of their program for both the 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows, and it will run on Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. Just download and run, reboot, then return to Device Manager.

How do I reprogram my Baofeng UV-5R?

How to manually program the Baofeng UV-5R from the keypad

  1. Press [VFO/MR] and enter Frequency Mode.
  2. Press [A/B] and choose the A Side (upper display).
  3. Press [BAND] for the frequency band.
  4. Disable TDR (Dual Watch/Dual Standby).
  5. Enter the frequency.
  6. optional – Enter the transmit CTCSS/DCS code.

How do I download Chirp software?

Basic Procedure for Programming

  1. Start CHIRP and Click the Radio menu and choose Download From Radio.
  2. The Clone window opens.
  3. Select the serial port you intend to use from the drop down menu.
  4. Select the correct Vendor and (if necessary) the appropriate Model.
  5. Click OK to start the download process.

How do I download CHIRP software?

How do I download CHIRP audiobooks?

LISTEN ANYWHERE Stream your audiobook via the Chirp app or site, or download it in the app for offline listening on your Apple iPhone, Android phone, or other device. You can also listen to Chirp on your Alexa-enabled devices with our custom Alexa skill.

What does CHIRP stand for?

Compressed High Intensity Radar Pulse
CHIRP stands for “Compressed High Intensity Radar Pulse.” That’s a fancy way of saying it will show you those fish that standard sonars can’t.

How do I turn off the PTT on my Baofeng UV 5R?

You can completely disable transmission on the UV-5R using Chirp. Once you have Chirp installed and connected to your radio, you can use: CHIRP>Settings>Other Settings> Set VHF TX Enabled and UHF TX Enabled, both to off. Now your radio will not transmit on any frequency even if you “key-up”.

Is CHIRP a free app?

Save up to 95%. Using our free audiobook app for iOS or Android.

How do I upload to Baofeng UV-5R?

Load your “Generic CSV” into one tab. Now download from your radio to create a “Baofeng UV-5R” tab. Now you can “cut & paste” the 51 programmed memories from the “Generic CSV” tab to the “Baofeng UV-5R” tab. Make any additional edits to the “Baofeng UV-5R” tab and then perform an “Upload To Radio”.

How to manually program Your Baofeng ham radio?

Press the[MENU]button to enter inside the menu.

  • Enter[2TXP][7TDR]on the numerical keypad to get to MEM-CH.
  • Press[MENU]to select what you want.
  • Use the ▲ and ▼ keys to select a memory channel,or enter it directly on the numerical keypad.
  • Press the[MENU]key to confirm.
  • Press the[EXIT]key to exit the menu.
  • How to program a Baofeng radio with Chirp software?

    – Select all = CTRL + A (keys on your keyboard) – Select individual Channels = CTRL + mouse click – Select Range of Channels = Mouse click to highlight start then, SHIFT + mouse click on the last in the range that you’d like to select

    Which Baofeng should I get?

    The radios are cheap and very affordable.

  • You get a lot of features at such low price
  • The designs are not only suitable for rookie users but also for commercial users as well.
  • The radios have flexibility so you can customize it according to your will.
  • They are built strong and can transmit up to 9 watts of power.
  • How to tune a Baofeng radio?

    Turn the radio on

  • GO to menu item#40 and RESET the radio
  • Menu item#14 for either English voice or Voice OFF
  • Press EXIT on the keypad
  • Push orange VFO/MR button to go to Frequency mode and program in repeater frequency
  • Press MENU then push#1 for frequency stepping.
  • Push#13 for CTCSS on transmit for repeater use.
  • Push#25 for repeater shift.