How difficult is the North Coast Trail?

How difficult is the North Coast Trail?

The North Coast Trail is a challenging 43km multi-day backpacking trip along the northern tip of Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

How long does it take to do the North Coast Trail?

North Coast Trail. The North Coast Trail is a 43.1km extension to the original Cape Scott trail. The total hiking distance is approximately 59.5km. The minimum recommended one way hiking time is 5 days; although, it is more commonly completed in 6 to 8 days.

Do you have to book the North Coast Trail?

no reservations are needed to hike the North Coast Trail. But you must book both van shuttle (San Josef) and/or water taxi (Shushartie) in advance. To get a good price you need a number of hikers taking that transport at the same time.

How do I get to the North Coast Trail?

The North Coast Trail has two official trailheads: Shushartie Bay and Cape Scott Trailhead. Trailhead transportation for the North Coast Trail must be reserved in advance. Access to the Shushartie Bay trailhead is by water taxi from Port Hardy. Access to the Cape Scott Trailhead is by logging road.

Are dogs allowed on North Coast Trail?

Dogs are permitted in San Josef Bay area only and must be leashed at all times. Dogs are prohibited in all other areas of the park, including the North Coast Trail.

How do I get to Cape Scott lighthouse?

About 2km from Guise Bay the old plank road turns into a rough gravel road that the lighthouse keepers drive their tractor on. A short trail on the left leads out to a small beach. Follow the gravel road up the hill. Go left at a major fork, and arrive at the Cape Scott Lighthouse a few minutes later.

How hard is the Cape Scott trail?

The trail ends at Nissen Bight, and from there, hikers follow the Cape Scott trail out to the trailhead. I hiked the trail in 2008, the first year it was open and again in 2021. It’s definitely a tough trail and is best for experienced backpackers.

How difficult is the Cape Scott trail?

Hiking essentials: what to bring. The Cape Scott Trail is an immensely satisfying trek through beautifully remote, pristine scenery on Vancouver Island. It’s not technically difficult but still has a few challenges. Mud, rain and slippery boardwalks are the most common issues.

Can you drive Cape Scott?

Driving to Cape Scott requires approximately 60 km of gravel road travel. These roads are well-maintained but it is common to encounter logging trucks. Drive cautiously and keep your headlights on at all times. Make sure that you have a spare tire in case of a flat.

Do you have to book the Cape Scott trail?

You are not required to make reservations to hike or camp in Cape Scott Park. However, camping fees are in effect from May 1st until September 30th and may either be paid in cash at the trailhead or by registering online.

How difficult is the Cape Scott Trail?

How hard is the Cape Scott Trail?