How did Nick get hurt in booked?

How did Nick get hurt in booked?

How does Nick get injured in the game? Nick starts to kick the ball but then WHACK! POW!-

What is the theme of booked by Kwame Alexander?

While somewhat lighter than Alexander’s The Crossover, Booked still deals with serious life issues for middle schoolers, including bullying, racism, divorce, and education. Kids will find it relatable, and parents and educators will love the positive messaging about family, friendship, and learning.

Who are the bullies in booked?

At school, Nick tends to daydream a little to much in Ms. Hartwick’s Honors English class. He’s also being bullied by twin brothers Dean and Don, which is a real problem, especially when they start kicking his backpack around and telling him to stay away from April Farrow, ’cause she’s Dean’s girl.

What is the main conflict in booked?

The main conflict of this book begins when Nicks’ mother tells him that not only has she landed a job in Kentucky to train horses, but she and his dad are separating. This is where Nick’s character arc comes into focus as he confronts the sudden confusion and anger he feels.

Who is Coby in Booked?

Coby Lee. This person is an eight-grade soccer player who was born in Singapore.

How old is Nick in Booked?

Twelve-year-old Nick is a star on the football pitch, but at home he’s stuck with his linguistic professor father’s “dictionary” that he has to read every day, and he hates it… until his prowess with words starts to win over the girl of his dreams.

What happens in the end of the book booked?

In the aftermath of the surgery, his mom comes back home to live with him and his dad again, and for a while Nick believes that his parents are going to get back together. But just when he is getting ready to go back to school and resume his routine, his parents announce that they are getting a divorce.

What happens at the end of the book booked?

By the end of the book, Nick and his family are moving toward a new normal and learning to appreciate and accept each other. 320 pages; grades 6-10. Pros: This book in verse looks like a sequel to Kwame Alexander’s Newbery Award-winning The Crossover, but it’s a whole new cast of characters and story.

What is the climax in booked?

the climax is when nick and Coby’s team go face to face. the falling action was when nick get fouled and hears a pop in his ankle. even though his team won he had to go to the hospital and miss the tournament. towards the end he had recovered from his injurie.

Who is Nick’s crush in booked?

April Farrow
Another ally is Nick’s crush, April Farrow, who supports him as he deals with emotions and his relationship with his father, who is cold, unforgiving, and always disappointed that his son’s interests don’t align with his own.

What is the climax of the book booked by Kwame Alexander?