How did Basie died?

How did Basie died?

CancerCount Basie / Cause of death

Count Basie, the jazz pianist whose spare, economic keyboard style and supple rhythmic drive made his orchestra one of the most influential groups of the Big Band era, died of cancer yesterday morning at Doctors’ Hospital in Hollywood, Fla. He was 79 years old and lived in Freeport, the Bahamas.

Who did Duke Ellington marry?

Edna ThompsonDuke Ellington / Spouse (m. 1918–1967)

Why is Count Basie important?

Jazz icon, Count Basie, was born William James Basie August 21, 1904 in Red Bank, New Jersey. Count Basie is considered one of the greatest bandleaders of all times. He was the arbiter of the big-band swing sound and his unique style of fusing blues and jazz established swing as a predominant music style.

When did Count Basie born?

August 21, 1904Count Basie / Date of birth
William Basie was born at 229 Mechanic Street on August 21, 1904. His father, Harvey Lee Basie, was a coachman and caretaker; his mother, Lillian Childs Basie, was a laundress, taking in washing and ironing.

Is Count Basie still alive?

April 26, 1984Count Basie / Date of death

Is the Count Basie Orchestra still alive?

In 1935, Bennie Moten died and it was left to Basie to take some of the musicians from that orchestra and form his own, The Count Basie Orchestra, which is still alive and well today some 78 years later.

What happened to Count Basie daughter?

Basie gave up her career to care for their daughter, who was mentally retarded, and their two adopted sons. She died in 1983.

Was Count Basie married?

Catherine MorganCount Basie / Spouse (m. 1942–1983)

When was Count Basie born and died?

Count Basie, byname of William Basie, (born August 21, 1904, Red Bank, New Jersey, U.S.—died April 26, 1984, Hollywood, Florida), American jazz musician noted for his spare, economical piano style and for his leadership of influential and widely heralded big bands.

What happened to Count Basie’s daughter Diane?

When William James “Count” Basie died of cancer in 1984, he left his $1.5 million fortune in a trust to provide for his only child. His daughter, Diane Basie, now 71 and living in Florida with full-time caregivers, is “severely retarded and only marginally communicative,” according to court papers.

Where was Duke Ellington’s funeral?

He was at Duke’s bedside when he died on May 24, 1974; three days later, the Toronto-born Pocock was one of four co-celebrants at Ellington’s massive funeral at the Episcopal Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York on May 27, 1974. The church was filled to overflowing with over 12,000 mourners.