How can I prepare for SCJP certification?

How can I prepare for SCJP certification?

How to Prepare for SCJP?

  1. Study from the book and understand concepts .
  2. The best way to prepare for exam is to write code , code and code .
  3. Plan ahead of the time and Read from the above mentioned books very carefully.
  4. Collect SCJP 6 (for Java 6) or SCJP 7(for Java 7) Dumps .

How do I prepare for Ocjap?

Practical Tips to Crack Oracle Java Certifications (OCAJP and OCPJP)

  1. Join an Online Course.
  2. Read a Study Guide.
  3. Write Code Daily.
  4. Participate in CodeRanch Forum.
  5. Solve Practice Questions from Book.
  6. Practice Mock Exams.

What is the syllabus for OCJP?

OCAJP Syllabus: Working With Java Data Types: object reference variables and primitive variables, object life cycle,… Using Operators and Decision Constructs:Java operators, if/else and ternary construct, switch statement… Creating and Using Arrays: one-dimensional array and multi-dimensional array.

How do I prepare for Java se8 certification?

Here are the steps to become a certified Java professional:

  1. Learn Java Certification path. First of all, try to get the most current version of Java certification.
  2. Read Recommended Books.
  3. Learn the latest version of Java.
  4. Practice Sample questions.
  5. Register and Buy Vouchers.
  6. Locate Your Exam Place and Time.
  7. Check Your Results.

How long does it take to prepare for Ocajp?

Some prepared for the exam in just two weeks, and some took 4 months, but a general “normal” preparation time should be around 2-3 months. If you have studied/worked with Java for 3-5 years – I don’t think you’ll need more than a month to prepare for the exam, but this also varies for each person.

What is the cost of OCJP certification in India?

10,100 INR
Cost. Surprisingly, the cost of most of the Java certifications is the same. For example, the cost of OCAJP 11, OPJP 11, OCAPJ8, and OCPJP8 are all 245 USD in America and 10,100 INR in India.

Is Ocajp exam hard?

Oracle’s Java Certification has a tough passing percentage, close to 65% for both OCAJP (the Oracle Certified Associate Java Programmer) and OCPJP (the Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer). You need in-depth knowledge of the Java language and API to succeed in the exam.

How many attempts are required for Oracle certification?

Candidates may only take a failed exam 4 times in a 12-month period. Each attempt must be paid separately via voucher, credit card, or subscription renewal.

What is the difference between SCJP and OCJP?

SCJP and OCJP are referring to the same exams. Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) is renamed as Oracle Certified Java Programmer(OCJP) when Oracle has acquired Sun Micro Systems. Before that, SCJP word is synonymous to Java Certification exams and it is one of the most popular certification for Java developers.

Is it worth doing Java certification?

Java Certification looks very good on the resume. Especially if you do not have outstanding academic records or something on extracurricular which stands out, go for Java certification. This will fill your gaps in the resume. It also sometimes acts as a filtering criterion.

How difficult is Ocajp?

How much does it cost to get Java certification?

Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 11 Developer (Java SE 11 OCP)

Product Cost
Java SE Programming I – ILT Course $2785 USD*
Java SE 11 Programmer I exam $245 USD
Java SE Programming II – ILT Course $2785 USD*
Java SE 11 Programmer II exam $245 USD