Does Sprint still offer employee discounts?

Does Sprint still offer employee discounts?

Sprint Perks extends savings and special offers to employees, students of universities and organization members who team up with us. All you have to do is submit your work, school or organization email to see if you qualify for savings with Sprint Perks at

What are the Sprint perks?

Sprint Perks is a new employee discount program for Sprint that offers up tons of benefits and discounts to employees at big businesses, educators and includes military, first responder and veteran discounts — plus a discount for small business owners.

How do I check my Sprint employee discount?

Visit Enter the email address provided to you by the organization affiliated with the discount and we’ll send you an email immediately. Open the email and click the verification link by the date provided.

How do I get Sprint loyalty discount?

To get your existing customer promotion with Sprint, you’ll need to reach out to them via phone or chat. We recommend calling them because you’ll then have the option to speak to Sprint’s retention and loyalty department. You can connect with Sprint’s retention department at (844) 382-3317.

Do Sprint customers get T-Mobile perks?

Sprint customers are getting T-Mobile’s perks. Eli Blumenthal is a senior editor at CNET with a particular focus on covering the ever-changing worlds of streaming and telecom. He previously worked as a technology reporter at USA Today. Sprint users will soon be able to take advantage of T-Mobile Tuesdays.

What benefits do T-Mobile employees get?

Medical. Dental. Vision. Flexible Spending Accounts.

  • T-Mobile 401(k) Savings Plan. Employee Stock Grant. Employee Stock Purchase Plan. (ESPP)
  • Paid Time Off (PTO) Holidays. Paid Parental Leave. Adoption and Surrogacy Assistance.
  • Employee Mobile Service Discount. Voluntary Benefits. Employee Discounts + Perks.
  • What do Sprint customers get for free?

    “Legacy Sprint customers with an active free Hulu promotion can continue to enjoy Hulu on us,” a T-Mobile rep told Next TV. Since 2017, Sprint has offered new unlimited wireless data customers free access to the $5.99-a-month base version of Hulu.

    Does Sprint still offer free AAA?

    If you have Sprint service, you can get free AAA membership renewals for as long as you’re a Sprint customer when linking your accounts.

    Does Sprint have a first responder plan?

    Sprint First Responder Plans First responders and emergency personnel who have service through Sprint are eligible to receive special discounts on Sprint’s monthly plans, as well as up to 25% off accessories.

    Does tmobile have employee discounts?

    You get a 75% discount on monthly service for you and dependents, 20% for non dependents. The accessories are 20% off.

    Do Sprint customers get T-Mobile Tuesday?

    Can Sprint customers participate in T-Mobile Tuesdays? Yes, Sprint customers on qualifying plans can get in on the thankings! Open the T-Mobile Tuesdays app every week to see all the great deals available.