Does Ranger College have dorms?

Does Ranger College have dorms?

Ranger Hall is the largest dorm facility on campus with 96 beds. Ranger hall has two floors. Each room in Ranger Hall is shared by two students. Two rooms share a common bathroom, which is located between the two rooms.

What is Ranger College known for?

Ranger College is ranked as one of the top ten Community Colleges in Texas by Ranger College was named one of the fastest-growing community colleges in the country, and the numbers stand behind that claim – enrollment at Ranger has climbed more than 250 percent since 2008.

Is Ranger College a good school?

ranger college is a great college to attend. its a college where everyone helps each other, where no one judge, where if you need help the professors would stay with you or meet with you and explain everything in detail.

What courses does Ranger College offer?

All Majors and Programs.

  • Continuing Ed.
  • Cosmetology.
  • Dual Credit. Automotive. Drone Pilot Certification. Fire Science.
  • Early Childhood Education.
  • EMT.
  • Machining.
  • Welding.
  • What college is in Ranger Texas?

    Ranger CollegeRanger / University

    Is Ranger College a 4 year College?

    Welcome to one of the fastest-growing two-year colleges in the nation.

    Does Ranger College have football?

    In August 2007, Ranger replaced its football program with men’s and women’s soccer and men’s golf programs.

    What division is Ranger College baseball?

    NTJCAC Region 5 conference
    Ranger College is located in Ranger, TX and the Baseball program competes in the NTJCAC Region 5 conference.

    How many students are at Ranger College?

    1,616 (2010)Ranger College / Total enrollment

    What is Ranger College mascot?

    RangerRanger College / Mascot

    What conference is Ranger College in?

    Is Ranger College a 4 year college?