Does argatroban prolong INR?

Does argatroban prolong INR?

Argatroban prolongs the INR more than lepirudin or bivalirudin, and a higher-than-usual target INR during warfarin co-therapy (which depends on the thromboplastin reagent used to measure the INR) can be expected (see Caveats in Treatment of Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia).

Does argatroban change INR?

EFFECT ON INR Argatroban increases the INR. It is common to have INRs of 4 or 8 in patients on higher argatroban doses. This INR does not indicate a higher risk of bleeding, as it would in the patient receiving warfarin.

How do you monitor argatroban?

Argatroban effect is typically monitored using activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT) measurements with a target of 1.5 to 3.0 times the patient’s baseline value.

Does argatroban increase PTT?

Monitoring of argatroban anticogulation An infusion of 2 μg/kg/min argatroban is expected to increase aPTT 1.5-fold, whereas an infusion of 10 μg/kg/min can prolong a PTT up to 3-fold.

When do you use argatroban?

Argatroban Injection is indicated for prophylaxis or treatment of thrombosis in adult patients with heparin- induced thrombocytopenia (HIT). Argatroban Injection is indicated as an anticoagulant in adult patients with or at risk for HIT undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI).

When should argatroban be held?

Initiate argatroban within 2 hours after discontinuation of heparin infusion. For patients who were on therapeutic enoxaparin doses, initiate argatroban when next enoxaparin dose is expected to be given except in the case that the patient has an active clot.

How much does argatroban raise the INR?

The highest concentration of argatroban tested in this study, 8 micromoles/L (eight times the therapeutic concentration), resulted in a PTT of approximately 150 seconds and an INR range of approximately 8-14, depending on the reagent used by the lab.

How do you transition from argatroban to warfarin?

Argatroban falsely elevates the INR. After 3-5 days of co-therapy with warfarin, and if the INR is >4.0, temporarily suspend the argatroban for 4 hours, then check the INR. If the INR is <2.0, restart argatroban and consider warfarin dose adjustment. Repeat process every 24-48 hours until the INR is ≥2.0.

Is argatroban same as heparin?

Because argatroban does not resemble heparin, it does not cross-react with HIT antibodies,25 a disadvantage of low-molecular-weight heparin and danaparoid. Furthermore, being small and synthetic, argatroban does not induce formation of antibodies that can alter its clearance, a disadvantage of lepirudin.

What is argatroban?

Argatroban is used to decrease the clotting ability of the blood and to help prevent harmful clots from forming in the blood vessels. This medicine is used to treat or prevent blood clots in patients with bleeding problems caused by another medicine called heparin.

How does argatroban increase INR?

Because argatroban is a direct thrombin inhibitor, co-administration of ACOVA™ and warfarin produces a combined effect on the laboratory measurement of the INR. However, concurrent therapy, compared to warfarin monotherapy, exerts no additional effect on vitamin K dependent factor Xa activity.

Why is argatroban used?

Argatroban is a prescription medicine used to treat the symptoms of blood clots in adults (Thrombocytopenia) and Percutaneous Coronary Intervention. Argatroban may be used alone or with other medications.